Why they hate Dr. Ruto

You may be wondering why ODMlets hate H.E. Dr. William Kipchirchir Samoei Arap Ruto more than they do death. Why they blame him more than they do Satan. Well,..

Dr. Ruto is the only guy who got their Ayatollah closest to real power…an asset they mistreated out of their outfit. Under the stupid belief that they created Ruto thus he wouldn’t survive a political day outside ODM.

Now that Ruto is politically larger than large and with Daktari (Uhuru Kenyatta), ODM Supremo’s chances of being Kenya’s head of state have been multiplied by zero. And of course there is nothing like Nusu Mkate government.

To make matters worst, Dr. Ruto has already tasted the presidency (remember when Uhuru handed him the instruments of power) and is assured of taking over from Bwana Kenyatta as Kenya’s 5th President.

Hata kama ni wewe, how would you feel about the man who sealed your fate?

That’s all for now.

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