Whenever Ndii tweets that “Kenya will burn if Raila loses the coming election”, who is he inciting? Kambas? To burn Kenya because Rao is not declared president? I don’t think so.

Kenya-violence.jpgWhenever Aladwa croaks that “Ili Raila akuwe rais, watu lazima wakufe kiasi”, who is he inciting? Luhyas from Matayos? To kill fellow Kenyans for Raila presidency? I don’t think so.

When Junet swears that “Raila will be sworn in whether he wins or loses”, whom is he inciting? Somalis in Mandera? To¬†forcefully swear in Rao? I don’t think so.

Whenever Raila promises he’ll not go to court, saying there will be no Kenya should “they rig him out again”, who is he inciting? His family members to go streets? I don’t think so.

The “Kenya will burn unless Raila wins” message is to incite you who come from Siaya, Homa Bay, Kisumu and Migori. Yes, from counties that got and managed over 90 billion shillings in past 4 and a half years.

If you really want to show anger, how about starting at home? Rasanga has stolen every single coin in Siaya to the extent that Siaya County Headquarters cannot afford to pay watchmen, and right now the County gates are unmanned.

Homa Bay was fleeced 470 million by fake US investors. Both Awiti and Rasanga lost in ODM nominations, but were forcefully given the tickets by Raila……. You can guess why.

Now, before burning Kenya, in your myopic hate and confused anger: why not start by asking Raila why he is forcing the two most corrupt Governors back on ODM tickets?

Are you aware that if Awiti did not steal the cash meant for Agricity Creation, Homa Bay would be providing half of the Country’s maize?

Are you aware that if Rasanga did not fleece Siaya County dry, Siaya County would be providing 1/3 Kenya’s Rice and Fish?

Instead of focussing on the REAL thieves, you are wasting your energies on Dr Uhuru Kenyatta. Who bewitched you my people?

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