76 Year Old Raila is having a very rough time.
His Mganga told him to copy everything the Dynamic Duo is doing.
Remember, at first NASA used to have only one major Rally wherever they went. This was planned taking into consideration the extremely advanced age and poor health of the ODM leader.
But the ever active and ever agile Uhuru and Ruto were doing 10 to 15 rallies per day. So the Mganga told him to copy.
Wacha Tu!!!!!! He tried doing five Rallies at the Coast in one day….aka ona cha Mtema Kuni….
He had to spend the night in hospital. Saa hii amelala kwa Nyumba, and even missed the Mandera Rallies.
When we say the Old man needs to go for Retire, akule ile pesa Uhuru ana pea Wazee, we only mean well for Babu Raila. Siyo kwa Ubaya.