Curse Of Secret Tears

Three weeks ago, I put five solid reasons why expecting Raila to win was the dumbest thing to do.
Today I want to deal with two core issues that are behind Raila’s persistent and predictable failure. They are from the “Unseen” side. Here is the first.
1) Secret Tears
Anyone who has been married can confirm that what I am about to say is 100% true. The day you thoroughly mistreat your wife- things usually turn out negative: appointments are cancelled, deals broken, cars break down, business go through dry spell etc… her secret tears, somehow block your path. The Bible speaks about something similar by ordering Men to treat their wives with honor and respect so that “Their Prayers are not Hindered”
A couple of years ago I posted about my experience with the Oshwal Community. The Community, that usually has the Surname ‘Shah’ has some of the most prosperous people.. they have a culture of treating their women with great honor and dignity through the “My Wife My Wealth” principle.
In other words, misuse of power at the home level usually has some severe consequences. Using power well at the home level has some great rewards.
If you walk through all key Raila strongholds or his “Home” where he is king… there are people shedding real secret tears. People who invested millions in the ODM Primaries but were thrown out after Raila ordered ODM to give tickets to losers. After implementing Raila’s directives effectively.. Judith Pareno was rewarded with a Senate Nomination.
In Busia Otuoma and his people are still bitterly shedding secret tears of pain as they remember how Otuoma defeated the womaniser Ojaamong but Raila reversed the people’s verdict and imposed the loser.. In Siaya Gumbo won decisively , but Raila forcefully placed the Buffoon Rasanga in the Ticket. Alego MP Omondi Muluan beat man from Bondo District, Sam Atandi- but Raila reversed the will of the people. In Kisumu, the whole world saw how Prof Nyong’o declared himself winner in some forest in Nyakach. In Homa Bay everyone saw how Awiti was thumped by Magwanga, and how the loser ended up with the ticket. We all saw how former Raila sycophant Jicho Pevu was denied the ODM ticket by Sultan Joho.
All over Nyanza and other strongholds, people are shedding secret tears. I talked to a former aspirant after we had cleared a show in one of the major media houses, and he literally shed tears as he remembered how he poured 15 million bob, won the ODM ticket but was denied.
Raila may silence all those crying secret tears. He may insult heir mothers (The way he insulted Eng Gumbo’s Mother) But there is a God in Heaven.
The cries of the weak reach the heavens, and Raila starts facing “Unseen” resistance.
In 2007, he did the same thing and stole nominations…. When he was leading hubris caught up with him and he decided to attack George Bush and the United States- three months to elections…. the rest is history.
In 2013, as PM he was virtually assured of victory… instead of dispensing Justice during the Nominations, especially after feasting(Through massive corruption) for five years as PM and was expected to leave the little money at the grassroots… Raila again came and imposed candidates (After being bribed)…. something out the ordinary took place The Kalenjin Voters decided to back a Kikuyu… That sealed his fate
In 2017, Raila still went on with his open injustice at his “home”. You can see how the tide has changed against him…Unlike 2013, Opinion Polls show that he is going to lose a bigger margin. Key donors have pulled out, the campaign looks dis-organised.
Clearly, even the optimistic donors are fatigued.
It all started with the Unseen hand of Raila’s injustice at home.

The death of Siaya county

Last week, I casually walked into the Siaya County Headquarters. I was shocked. I posted about it on this wall photos of the empty Security desks. I am not surprised that the level of corruption reached this level.
Raila has been fleecing Siaya County Funds through a totally clueless Buffoon called Rasanga. When Rasanga was beaten by Eng Gumbo at the ODM Nominations- Raila rigged Rasanga in Siaya.
Siaya County cannot pay anything, after Raila wiped off all the Cash. After running out of cash, Raila and Rasanga decided to extort sh 200 million from the ONLY Investor in the County Dominion Farms Limited.
The are several questions regarding the total collapse after massive corruption in Siaya
1) Where is Senator Orengo, who is supposed to raise issues of accountability in Siaya?
2) Why does Raila Odinga viciously defend Rasanga- even after totally looting?
3) Where are the so called “Intellectuals” from Siaya who are always yapping about corruption in Jubilee?
As I keep repeating here- If you support Raila, and claim that he is the anti corruption crusader—- uko na shida kubwa sana.