Democracy gani?


This democracy Raila fought for is not being enjoyed by Luos and his closest supporters. Anyone who dare speak his mind and is close to Raila is sent thugs.

See how Seth Odongo, Lee Makwiny, Charles Mark Dienya, Adede Adede and Phelix G-cord are being sent thugs because they dare speak their minds where everyone should be licking ass.

Now ODM is funding goons sent to harm them for doing nothing but just saying that Joho is not their choice for Mombasa. Anyone who knows Joho knows that he hounded Luos, Luhyas, Kambas, Kikuyus and people he considered “non Coasterians” from county jobs.

Joho is the biggest tragedy at the Coast. Even Coasterians he claims to support have not enjoyed any meaningful development. Mombasa is being run like a family business.

Winnie Odinga in her short-sightedness is tasked with coordinating online attacks on the bloggers who have given their all for the party and Raila.

Kwani this freedom Raila fought for is only being enjoyed by others? You speak, thugs are sent your way. Grow up people. This time, we are ready. We will fight for all that is ours. If you try to harm any of us, make sure that they are dead because we will also hunt you and make sure that you don’t have peace after harming any of us.

You don’t want criticism, go be the leader of your family not the public.

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