Someone tell the media


The only presidential debate we can be part of is one that pits Daktari against the ODM Candidate. So that, as Dr. Kenyatta

1. Explains the several measures he’s put in place and the had decisions he’s had to make to fight graft, Rao gets the chance to tell Kenyans why he defends corrupt governors and is being funded by the same.

2. Shows how he’s expanded the democratic space and allowed the will of the people during Jubilee Party Primaries, Baba would get an ample time to tell the people of Siaya and Homabay their crime that he’s decided to force Rasanga and Awiti down their throats.

3. Narrates his journey and initiatives he’s put in place to promote unity, ODM candidate will get the chances to tell Kenyans why he finds it interesting to pit Kenyans against each other.

4. Simplifies why he deserves to be reelected and explaining his transformative manifesto, Agwambo will also get the chance to share what he’s picked from the Ndii document.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the kind of presidential debate we can find time for. Otherwise, let those with free time attend the trivialities.