Your party announces primaries and goes ahead to charge some of the highest nomination fees. For the love of the party and faith in the party leader, your candidate pays the ridiculous fees. S/he sets to campaign and attracts a significant support base. Your candidate is assured of winning the primaries.

On nomination day, there are no ballot papers till noon. When they arrive, they are disappointingly few. The primaries are done nonetheless and your candidate wins. A certificate is awarded and you join in the celebrations. But a day later your victory is transferred to a clear loser.

You are sad, angry, cursing and giving ultimatums to the party to respect the will of the people. Sadly, no one listens. So, your candidate goes independent (but still support’s the presidential candidate of the party that rigged him/her out).

Campaigns take shape again and your candidate’s popularity surges. He’s assured of winning the seat. Your joy has been rekindled. The certified loser is scared and calls for help. The presidential candidate you support comes to your area, insults your candidate and declares all independents “enemies that must be rejected by all”. He proceeds to endorse the loser his party transferred your victory to…

You are vexed, you are heartbroken. The man you thought believed in democracy and respected the will of the people has just proven you wrong. He’s shown, beyond doubt, that he supports the rigging his party was involved in. He’s endorsed an economic saboteur and a mediocre leader to show he doesn’t care about your county’s development. You are pissed…you want to die…

Yet in the face of these, you still say you’ll support his presidential bid. Claiming he fought for democracy (which never practices), can transform Kenya (yet he’s helping sink your county) and can unite the country (yet he’s busy sowing discord among voters in your county)

Ladies and gentlemen, I just described supporters of Oyugi Magwanga (Homa bay) and Gumbo (Siaya). They are ready to die supporting the presidential bid of a man out to deny them better leadership at the county level. It’s that pathetic!!! But thanks to Odingaism, they can still justify the mental slavery!