Sample this: raila.jpg

Raila calls a press conference and makes serious allegations against Al Ghurair Printing Firm. He claims that the Firm is linked to Uhuru. He provides 0 (zero) evidence. The lazy press cover the silly Raila claims, and report the unfounded allegations as fact. Nobody in the press, apart from Daily Nation, bothers to do very simple background checks.
After the lazy press covers the Raila unfounded allegations – and give him lots of space….. Raila takes the Newspaper Cuttings to Court!!!! And presents the Newspaper Cuttings quoting him as Evidence!!!!!!!! Can you believe that????
He takes the whole country through a silly round of speculation… With his online minions spreading all manner of baseless “links”. In court, he has Zero Evidence, apart from Press Coverage of his Press Conference!!
Alafu someone imagines that such a joker can go anywhere!!!!