Woes on supermarkets

First, When President Uhuru took over power, he declared war on lots of underworld business in Kenya.
As a result, you should not be surprised to see all the major Tenderprenuers moving to Raila, and heavily financing him. Its not easy for the mega corrupt under Uhuru, otherwise the corruption barons would not waste their cash on funding Raila.
Second, President Uhuru hit the drug Barons real hard. Life has been extra hard for Drug Barons under Uhuru. That is why all Drug Barons shifted allegiance to Raila and are vigorously funding him.
Third, a key pillar in the drug business had been using the supermarket to “clean” his/her drug money. That is why the supermarket always had abundance.
But under Uhuru, it has been extremely difficult to “clean” money….. And inevitably the supermarket started crumbling. The crumbling has nothing to do with the state of the economy, but disruption of the underworld business by President Uhuru.
Ask yourself why all the bad guys are running from Uhuru, and why some businesses associated with the barons are all struggling right from the Coast to Kisumu? Ponder on this as you go to sleep.

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