Diminishing returns

Face the Age Facts : Jomo Kenyatta was a strong man, but age caught up with him, and the cartels around him messed up several things in the final days. Baba Moi was the typical African Strongman. For 24 years, he strode the country like a colossus. But, nature took its course, and he is rarely seen in public. Baba Moi served Kenyans, and is now happily retired. Mwai Kibaki was one of the Country’s top brains. He transformed Kenya into an economic power house in 10 years. After his great service to the country, and Mzee Kibaki is enjoying his retirement.
Mzee Raila has also made his contribution to Kenya. Children born in 1982 when he first attempted to take the Presidency are now 35 years old, and are eligible to run for Presidency. For all his service and disservice, he has made a mark. All his age mates are long retired, and relaxing at home
In Economics, there is a term called Diminishing Returns. When something goes beyond its productive stage, it starts giving negative returns.
Age should be respected, Grey Hair is usually adored and honored. Problem is when old men decide to dye hair, dress like teenagers and start struggling with young people – they usually get bruised.
Generation Change took place in Kenya. The mantle was handed out to the Joshua Generation in 2013 and the Moses Generation went to rest. It’s that simple. Nothing can change that.

Dear Raila supporter

Now that your candidate has “convinced” you that the presidential election is already rigged in Uhuru’s favor, why on earth will you be voting for the position on August 8th? Will it be:

1. Because (deep down) you know that no elections has been rigged in anyone’s favor and that your noise is a way to cover up an assured loss?


2. You actually believe the election has been rigged in Uhuru’s favor and your participation will be a mere formality?


3. You have no idea, as is expected?

Let’s have a sober discourse. And thanks in advance for sticking to the question.