The Mumias curse

Even if many deny- curses and blessings exist. The Bible is very clear about blessings and curses, so is the African Traditional Belief. Someone operating under a blessing will always end up making the right choices, always get the right partners, always follow the right path and will always succeed in all they touch. Someone operating under a curse will always end up making the wrong choices, always get the wrong partners, always follow the wrong and hard and torturous path, and will always fail in all they do, or en-devour to achieve. Take time to read the story in the Standard of January 27 2004. http:// .Or better just walk into the libraries of either the Nation or Standard You will clearly see that the Grand Father to Raila was one of the key people in the Mumias Based Wanga Kingdom in 1890. Then, according to Wanga Kingdom historians- in 1898, his grandfather attempted to stage a Palace Coup. It was around that time that the British started taking over Western Kenya Region. However, the 1898 Coup Attempt failed, and the grandfather was banished by Nabongo Mumia. It is said that Nabongo Mumia let off a Curse saying that “You and your generation shall strive to get leadership- but will always fail”. Using his superior organisational skills he acquired while in the Palace in Mumias- Raila’s grandfather settled in Sakwa due to the proximity to abundant food from both the lake and the forested areas. They quickly took over the Luo Identity, and were assimilated into the Luo community. The power of the curse started showing up in 1961, when after Jaramogi led Kanu to victory in the first elections. In a very bizarre twist of events- Jaramogi refused to take power- even after the British handed him the instruments of power. The rest, they say,is history. Many experts attribute his refusal to take over power as a clear manifestation of the Mumia Curse. Immediately after handing over power, Jaramogi was kicked out of power, and spent the remainder of his life struggling to get something that he was given on a silver platter. In 1982, the Odinga’s- just like their grandfather in 1898, attempted a Coup- and failed miserably. The Mumia Curse took effect In 1992, when everyone thought that Odinga was the natural leader to displace Moi- FORD split into pieces leading to Moi winning. It was the Mumia Curse. in 2002, when Raila aligned himself to Moi, and looked set to be anointed to take over- especially after being given the all powerful Secretary General Post of Kanu- Uhuru emerged from nowhere to spoil the party- it was the Mumia Curse working. In 2007, Raila was headed to a clear- cut victory, but he started talking too much. He openly declared that he would not work with the American Government’s anti terror plans. The Americans rule the world- and whoever they want in power will be in power- and whoever threatens their interests will never take power anywhere. Raila’s big mouth cost him the presidency- it was the Mumia Curse. In 2013- nobody could have ever imagined that Kalenjins would vote in a Kikuyu President. The unlikely alliance was another manifestation of the Mumia Curse.

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