IEBC ICT manager goes missing


IEBC has taken the very unusual step of publicly announcing disappearance of a senior ICT Manager. We have established that the unnamed Manager is Chris Msando.
I pray and hope that Chris is well and safe.
However, several coincidences in the past few weeks raise eyebrows about the goings on around IEBC and its ICT section.
1- Last week, NASA lost a Court Case that would have made it mandatory to have the elections stopped should the digital system fail. During the case, NASA had lots of leaked internal IEBC stuff.
2- Remember the time Raila would walk into an IEBC registration centre , and Kalonzo the same and “discover” that their ID numbers were registered under some names in Central Kenya….and the Press would cover without asking questions? Queries were asked about internal tinkering and leakage to NASA.
Anyway, let’s pray that there are no monkey games being played here.
Let’s hope that no one is being held hostage for ” failing to deliver ”
Knowing how brutal Raila financiers are…. I hope this is just a case of someone disappearing for a personal weekend affair.
Let’s hope for the best.

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