IEBC server was not hacked, says French KIEMS supplier

The Star

The French digital security company that was in charge of IEBC servers has dismissed claims that the system was hacked.
OT-Morpho, through its Africa and Middle East director Olivier Charlanes, said the system used in the annulled August 8 polls was not tampered with.
Charlanes on Thursday told Bloomberg that the company handed over all data for analysis by the Supreme Court.
He said the same technology systems that were used in the election have been tried and used in other countries.
“The system used in Kenya wasn’t pirated. We’ve passed on all the logs to be analysed by experts commissioned by the Supreme Court.”
This came after Opposition leader Raila Odinga successfully challenged the declaration of President Uhuru Kenyatta as winner of last month’s election.
In its judgement, the Supreme Court declared the results null and void citing irregularities and illegalities.
Charlanes, however, said the company is awaiting the written judgment of the Supreme Court’s ruling.
Some days before the election, IEBC chair Wafula Chebukati allayed fears the system could be compromised.
This followed fears among Kenyans after the murder of acting ICT director Chris Msando with parties raising concerns of possible hacking.
The chair at the time said the system was secure and was designed to be operated by multiple users before gaining access.
CEO Ezra Chiloba echoed Chebukati’s sentiments saying the system passwords were yet to be forwarded to the relevant officers who would handle them during the election.
“There has been no issue raised with the security company that has access to the servers. They are yet to give access to some people who will handle the system,” Chiloba said.
He said the system was being tested by three security companies with one of them being identified as IBM.

As the results of the election were being tallied, Raila asked IEBC not to declare them saying they had evidence the servers had been sacked.
He claimed Msando’s logins had been used to access the servers.

However, in a memo to Chiloba, the chair sought explanation on how a separate user account was created without his knowledge and consent.
Chebukati asked the CEO to explain why he authorised the creation of this account where over 9,934 transactions were conducted in his name.
“Paul Mugo and Boniface Wamae who were under instructions from ICT director James Muhati, through your office, confirmed the creation of username account and a password in the name of the chairperson without my knowledge or consent,” he said.
“… subsequently this account was used to undertake over 9,934 transactions. I direct that you take immediate action against these officers and report back by close of business today.”

NASA has so far written to the French government demanding administrative action against Saffran and Morpho.
The coalition said the companies should solely be held responsible for fraudulent display of fake statistics on a public portal purporting to be results of the general elections.
They also want the firms punished for allowing of unauthorised access to its servers.
The co-principals say the companies manipulated the results transmissions system in a manner that undermined the will of the people.
“We wish to bring to your attention that in providing the said ICT support services to the Commission, the subject companies have been involved in unethical acts that may amount to criminal activities under Electoral Act and the Elections Offenses Act,” read part of the letter.
The coalition wants Morpho be probed for failing to provide access to the Kenya elections 2017 servers and transaction logs as directed by the Supreme Court.

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Lawyers of Odinga


Amongst many other “Os”

Halafu hapa mutaniambia inclusive government. Kabla hata serikali unaona ni watu wao pekee walikua wanaenda Canaan. Hata those from NASA principals are not there hehehe.

MEANWHILE Take the below information to the BANK!!

line up

NASA—-> 25000 pages
Jp——> 10 pages
Raila —> 30 lawyers
Uhuru ——> 3 lawyers
Winner—–> Uhuru

Where is the evidence?

To the NASA guys who still have brains functioning, this is the time to set some serious accountability standards on your leaders.
First, your leaders presented evidence that there was hacking. They gave details of logs to the public. What happened? Why is that evidence not at the Supreme Court?
Second, they said that based on exclusive Screenshot Evidence, Raila had won. Why not present the Screenshot and demand that IEBC proves that the Screenshot are fake or true.
These two claims raised emotions, and many NASA followers went to the streets due to the two statements.
If the two pieces of evidence are not presented, then NASA leaders ought to pay.
You cannot excite emotions, then come to court with different issues like comparison with results in Guatamala.

NASA Principals Turned Away From Prophet Owuor’s Prayer Rally


Kahawa Tungu

NASA principals were on Sunday walked out of Prophet Owuor’s prayer rally that was held at the Central Park.

Both Raila Odinga and Moses Wetangula are said to have walked out of rally after the event organizers failed to give them a chance to address the congregation.

The congregation was celebrating the rising from the dead of Mama Rosa who hails from West Pokot. Ms Rosa was raised from the dead by the prophet.

The opposition was supposed to hold a prayer vigil outside the Supreme Court but their request was denied by Nairobi Police Commander, Japheth Koome

Speaking at All Saints Cathedral premises, Odinga told Kenyans that the journey to ‘Canaan is on course.’

“We are on our way to the city of Jerusalem. We have already passed Jericho. We shall get to Jerusalem because no force will prevent the will of the people.

“Nothing will stop the will of the people to free themselves from corruption, deceit and the misrule that has characterised the Jubilee government,” he said.

We never forget

Brutus Moment?? At the height of the bitter supremacy battle between Raila on one side, and Orengo and Nyong’o on the other:- I wrote several stories in the Weekly Review 1998-1999. Orengo and Nyong’o described Raila in terms that would make my FB posts look mild.
However, after coming with reality that Raila had zombified his followers, the duo stopped fighting Raila and became topmost sycophants, bootlickers and court poets.
To me, this was just a tactical retreat.
I believe Orengo wants to make a fool of Raila in this Supreme Court Case. Afterwards, he will take him round ridiculous circles- totally destroying the little that is left of Raila’s legacy. Orengo was behind the move to kick Jakoyo out of the kitchen cabinet.
We are going to witness very interesting days ahead as Orengo drags Raila through mud to totally destroy the old bitter, and now confused man.
They say Revenge is best served cold.

Sign this Petition to Take Raila to The Hague

Last month Raila Odinga made it clear that he would not accept the election results. Once he lost, he again made it clear that he would not accept the verdict of the Supreme Court. Now he is telling Kenyans to prepare for a bloodbath.
History has taught us that we can only ignore him at our own peril.
Before we continue, we would like to inform you that we are a group of nonpartisan Kenyans of all ages and genders who have come together at this dangerous hour in our country to SWEAR BEFORE GOD AND MAN that this time it will be different. In the last elections, Kenyans from all corners of the country stood in unison and delivered a thunderous verdict about our collective future as Kenyans.
All observers, both local and regional and continental and international, agreed that Kenyans spoke with one voice. Only Raila and a few of his advisers disagreed. Having stood for presidency four times and lost, it was his last chance. And he is determined to take our beloved country down to his grave with him.
If you are reading this, we implore upon you to stand up and join us to declare NEVER AGAIN! Be one of the people who will drive this petition to break international records. Our target is 10 million petitioners.
Let us remind you where Raila is coming from. Raila first appeared in national focus in January 1983 when his 11 cases, which included treason and murder and rape, started at the High Court. We won’t go into details since you can find a copy of the same publicly at the High Court archives.
Unlike what his disciples would have us believe, Raila was not imprisoned as a political prisoner. He was imprisoned as a common criminal for his role in the 1982 coup that killed thousands of Kenyans. His co-accused were Otieno Makonyango and Hezekiah Ochuka. He was following on the footsteps of his role models who include Charles Taylor, Mobutu Sese Seko, Idi Amin and Jean Bedel Bokassa.
Raila only ascended to high office in Kenya on the back of thousands of Kenyan corpses and 650,000 displaced men, women and children. Last year, George Aladwa, now the Makadara MP, teamed up with Raila at a rally in Kibera and informed the country that blood must flow in Kenya for Raila to become president. And you all know that Raila’s principal adviser, David Ndii, has announced that since Raila cannot become president through the ballot, they are going to use bullets to install Raila Odinga on the Kenyan people by force.
All this is in the public domain. Kenyans have been listening and taking notes.
In the last two years, we have collected more than 400 audial and visual clips so far showing Raila and his accomplices inciting their supporters towards ethnic cleansing, murder, genocide, general massacre, forceful uprooting of populations, economic sabotage and general mayhem (among others). We have catalogued thousands of reports (both from newspapers, magazines, periodicals, meetings, etc) of the same.
Dear Kenyan, there is a sinister plot afoot. The drums of war are gathering. The snakes are slithering into the open. We are living in the most dangerous period of our country’s history. Raila is preparing for his final solution.
In less than a week’s time, the verdict of the Supreme Court will be out. If you value the life and the future of your children, the time to act is NOW!
We have written to the UN, IGAD, AU, EAC, the Carter Centre, the State Department of the US, and the International Criminal Court at The Hague. We have volunteered to share our evidence. The AU and IGAD have agreed to share the elections report with us; which we shall submit as evidence at the ICC should Raila carry out his murderous mission. We are waiting for the others to respond.
The whole world is watching. The old man from Bondo is finally exposed. Play your part and sign this petition to take this warlord to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Also included is his accomplice David Ndii.
Let us stand up against this evil tide and declare NEVER AGAIN shall our country hide its face in shame every five years. We are not lower animals. We are proud citizens of the world and we will fight to secure our exalted place in the community of nations.
To believe that the whole country owes you a living is the true mindset of a megalomaniac. To make a vow of taking 45 million people down with you in your vengeful sunset years is to display an unbelievable degree of narcissism. Kenyans spoke on 8/8 and they will speak yet again. We will not be cowed this time round. Kenya is our country.
Dear Kenyan, an ominously dark cloud is gathering over our beloved land. The elements are moving into place, waiting for a deathly explosion.
But our resolve will not be shaken. Kenya will not be buried in the grave of Raila Amolo Odinga. We shall not let a single child of our beloved country, including Luo children, to be slaughtered on the satanic altar of one demented old man. Let this voice of resistance reverberate from Namanga to Moyale, and from Lamu to Busia – NEVER, NEVER, AGAIN!!


A key highlight under the Jubilee government over the last 4 years has been the country’s rise on the diplomatic front. We saw various global leaders visit Kenya and President Uhuru Kenyatta was also invited to address key global meetings.

Major conferences were also held in Nairobi. TICAD VI, a conference that attracted the attendance of many African Heads of State was among those key key meetings. Of importance to note is that this was the first time in its 25 year history for TICAD to be held on African soil. Under the Nairobi Declaration and Implementation Plan, Japan pledged approximately $30bn commitment under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to Africa over the years 2016-2018.

Currently, Foreign Affairs CS Amb Dr Amina C. Mohammed and Planning PS Irungu Nyakera are representing Kenya at the TICAD ministerial follow up meetings in Maputo, Mozambique. This first ministerial follow up meeting will allow the participating states to measure progress and appreciate any challenges faced so far.