UHURU ni wetu



Are you a youth living in Nairobi and wondering whether this government gives a damn about you? The answer is “yes Uhuru’s government cares about you”. Here is how:

1. NYS Youth Empowerment Program in Kibera, Mathare, Mukuru Kwa Njenga and Korogocho. Recruiting over 10000 cohorts

2. 23785 students from Nairobi have joined various NYS institutions for vocation training

3. Rehabilitation of Kenya National Library to promote a reading culture within the country in order to have a knowledgeable economy

4. Ksh. 325 Million in Uwezo Funds disbursed to hundreds of youth groups in Nairobi to promote entrepreneurship

5. Ksh. 333 Million disbursed to support youth enterprise in Nairobi through the Youth Enterprise Development Fund

6. The rehabilitation of Kenya National Theatre to give the Nairobi youth a modern facility to showcase talent

7. Progressing with the construction of an Arts and Cultural Center to promote arts and appreciation of culture

8. Construction of modern Film School (in Kasarani) to promote the film industry

9. Construction of Academy of Sports Talent to train youths and coaches

10. The refurbishment and renovation of Moi International Sports Centre to provide Nairobi youth with a world class sporting facility

In short, #FormNiUhuru

RAILA confirms he orchestrated STRIKES

When we said the so many strikes (called by heads of different trade unions) had nothing to do with fighting for the rights of the workers, but cheap political machinations to sabotage and discredit Jubilee government…you condemned us as insensitive.

But today:

1. Sossion, who almost crippled our education by calling for strike a few days to national exams, is a member of NASA and slotted for nomination by ODM…is that by coincidence or by design?

2. The men who led doctors and University staff to strike have openly been seen singing Raila Tibim…Again what a coincidence!

3. The Trade Union Congress has openly endorsed Raila…Still doubting?

The plan was to use partisan union leaders to paralyze government operations through endless strikes (preying on the workers needs). Fortunately enough, Uhuruto and millions of Kenyans saw through their evil scheme and kept the country running.

#RaceToUhurutoVictory is unstoppable!