1. When no one thought Kikuyus and Kalenjins could ever work together (following the unfortunate events of 2007/8) Uhuruto made it happen! They didn’t stop at the two tribes…they brought on board Kenyans from all walks

2. When all sadist were on their knees praying for their incarceration at The Hague, Uhuruto put a spirited defense that saw the fabricated charges dismissed.

3. When they expected the international community to sideline Kenya, Uhuruto’s sound foreign policy saw the “who is who” visit Kenya and extend invites too.

4. When the the biggest media houses, the civil society and trade unionists formed an unholy alliance with the opposition to sabotage the government… cooking scandals, misreporting and calling for unnecessary strikes…when everyone thought Jubilee was going under, Uhuruto emerged even stronger.

5. When it’s seemed impossible to implement development projects due to insecurity, incessant noise from local saboteurs and insufficient resources… Uhuruto availed Madaraka Express, connected more homes and schools to electricity, revolutionized service delivery, initiated digital literacy in schools, provided free maternity and expanded health insurance, brought Peugeot, Volkswagen back, revived several companies…and moved Kenya from a struggling third world economy to a lower-middle income economy

What makes you think they can’t win a reelection against one of the most disorganized political opponents in the world?