NASA use Actor to Lie to Kenyans

The Adopt a Polling Station idea never left the NASA boardrooms. Several meetings were held, people were paid huge allowances, consultants received millions in fees but nothing was done. When Raila was asked where the ODM tallying centre was he replied in the clouds, NASA principles actually lied to their voters. To set up a tallying center one needs billions it’s not a small affair or a quick fix job
There was no Parallel Tallying Centre, NASA did not invest in a massive IT infrastructure as claimed. A group of “experts” from Canada and the United States who received millions of shillings in fees but did not establish the infrastructure that was required.
NASA agents were not trained and organized. H.E. Odinga had no business addressing us about Form 34As.
They did not sign and send the Form 34s to the NASA Secretariat as expected.The IT expert who made an appearance during their press conference was an actor and a relative of Raila Odinga.
NASA lost this election because they were confused, disorganized and only talked big not reasons attributed to the IEBC

Kenya’s election peaceful and transparent- International observers


International observers were able to visit 88 polling stations in Nairobi County
and observed the following.
Polling stations were ready at 06:00 AM and opened on time and in accordance with the laws of Kenya;
Election materials were adequately distributed on time and in sufficient quantity in all the observed polling centers;
All polling stations observed were attended by political parties’ and independent candidates agents, and observers;
Electoral officials demonstrated sufficient understanding of their roles and responsibilities;
Adequate security presence was noticed at all observed polling stations;
The voter turnout was high throughout the day and voters demonstrated calm and patience in long queues at many polling stations ;
Vulnerable, elderly and disabled were supported in their polling process;
The polling centers and polling stations were laid out in a manner that allowed easy flow of voters;
The Kenyan Integrated Election Management System in use at polling stations was operational;
The counting process and no incidents of disruption were observed;
Strong presence and participation of women as organizers and as voters.
Youth participation was also noticeable in the electoral process serving as polling officers, local observers and voters.
The colors of the ballot boxes in relation to the ballot papers proved to be confusing to some voters.

NASA agents withholding form 34A because of no pay

NASA agents refuse to sign form 34A for release because they have not been paid their dues from the opposition headquarters. The NASA agents are now slowing up the process and putting the whole country at a standstill.
Such a credible election is an embarrassment to NASA leadership who thrive on chaos and badmouthing Kenya’s institutions.
NASA lost precious campaign time bickering over the flag bearer, in court, in press conferences and dancing tibim. Nyenze was right.
NASA refused to pay its agents but they wanted us to trust them to pay better remuneration to Kenyan workers. UONGO NAYO.
It was impossible to rig. In the days coming, details of how the system was tamper-proof are going to be released shaming Rao badly.
Can’t imagine these fake experts were getting paid at the expense of NASA agents at the ground. No wonder they lost.

Impact of Raila rejection of tallies, Western alarm over opposition behavior


1 (a) SUMMARY: The decision by Raila Odinga to reject results which show him to have been comprehensively defeated by President Kenyatta sets the stage for several days of tension, protests and drama. However, the scale of the defeat and the united international support for the IEBC process, means that the crisis will not be prolonged.

Odinga pressured by Western envoys but defiant

b) On Wednesday morning and again in the evening, John Kerry and Thabo Mbeki spoke to Raila Odinga at length, urging him to concede. It was thought that the two might have had greater leverage over him because Odinga says that John Mahama of Ghana is too close to Kenyatta and cannot be a neutral interlocutor. Odinga also came under very strong pressure from American ambassador Bob Godec in particular. Godec’s pressure is what led Odinga to delay his press conference for five hours on Thursday but in the end he was defiant and went ahead.

On Wednesday, when Kerry made no progress in urging Odinga to concede, he asked Godec to coordinate all observer missions, the European Union, the Commonwealth, the African Union, the National Democratic Institute and the East African Community to release statements on Thursday morning declaring the process transparent, free, fair and credible. This was designed as a pressure tactic against Odinga. However, the pressure failed and Odinga refused to buckle. European Union ambassadors together with the U.S. envoy will now meet tomorrow informally and they are discussing options including the possibility of a travel ban on opposition leaders that trigger chaos.

Odinga’s game plan

c) Raila Odinga is taking the gamble that he can spark protests, draw in international mediation and seek a deal with the government.
That plan will fail for two reasons (a) the scale of his defeat and the loss of all houses of parliament and a clear majority of county governorships means that his challenge to the outcome looks ridiculous. b) Unlike 2007 when Odinga had a lot of diplomatic support, he is now isolated. Also, in 2007, protests were broad-based with the Kalenjin and the Luhya and also some at the Coast joining Luo protesters. This time, due again to the scale of the defeat, only the Luo will engage in protests.


d) Despite all these reasons, the capacity of Odinga to cause disruption should not be under-estimated. After the Musalia Mudavadi claim that Odinga won, there were more than 3,000 residents of Kondele on the streets of Kisumu “celebrating” victory.
There are some in the Odinga camp advocating that he should go the “Gambia way” and get himself sworn in tomorrow. That will be a dangerous escalation because it will present the government with unpleasant choices including whether to detain him, which might feed further escalation similar to the disruptive “IEBC protests” in mid-2016.
Still, the geographical scale of the protests will be largely contained. It will be in Kisumu and low-income settlements of Nairobi. Also, Odinga will come under intense diplomatic pressure. Unfortunately, though, at 72 and in fading health, Odinga has made the calculation that he has nothing to lose and should continue agitating.

Next steps

e) An electoral commission source indicated that they have made good progress in examining Form 34As and Form 34B. By lunch time, they had done 100 out of 290 constituency returns. They have also commendably uploaded all the scanned forms online and 300,000 Kenyans have already downloaded them.
A commission source said they would have essentially completed 95 per cent of forms by 9pm on Thursday but will not announce results at night. They are expected to do so by lunch time tomorrow.
Advance presidential security teams were seen at Bomas on Thursday, suggesting results will be declared Friday. (In a further sign of the disorganisation of Nasa, when their agents demanded to verify scanned forms, they had to get them printed physically. By contrast, Jubilee presidential agents had a software for sampling, downloading and comparing forms which was far quicker and they declared themselves happy)

f) SUMMARY: In general, the clear win by Kenyatta reduces the risk of a protracted crisis. However, when results are announced tomorrow, there will be protests in Kisumu and other urban areas. The scale of the victory, though, means there will not be a protracted crisis.

When God Fights for you!

Kenya is under attack. The bloodthirsty, power hungry political side has decided to stir strife. Buoyed by supporters who have refused to apply basic logic, the side led by Raila wants to destroy Kenya.
But as the Scriptures say- be still, and see the Deliverance of the Lord…. God sent John Kerry, Former US Secretary of State. Having held the third most powerful office in the US, and by extension , the world, Kerry commands global respect.
Raila would have wished to spark a local war of words with either DP Ruto, Tuju or Duale on the Jubilee side. This would have created impression of the “thieves” defending themselves.
But John Kerry has stood up and decided to take on Raila and his ridiculous nonsensical and outrageous claims.
Instead of it being Jubilee vs Raila, a war that Raila would have won easily as far as public perception is concerned:- it turns out to be Raila vs John Kerry.
Kerry has come out strongly, dismissing all the stupid and ridiculous allegations. Kerry has spoken to all major International Media Outlets, detailing how it is virtually impossible to steal this election
The International Press has been effectively muted by Kerry, and Raila and his bunch now look like confused clowns…bandying silly allegations.
That, my dear friends, is how God of Heaven defends the righteous, and puts the wicked to shame.