Raila Setting-up Principals for ICC


ODM and NASA chief Raila Odinga is setting up his co-principal Musalia Mudavadi and other leaders especially James Orengo and Johnstone Muthama to face the wrath of International Criminal Court. It is very clear that Raila is careful with his choice of words leaving the violence rhetorics to other NASA politicians
While addressing the public, opposition leaders like Orengo and Muthama have been left to incite the people to violence, such is the case where the not so eloquent Muthama has been left to read public statements that are deemed insightful.
On his first public appearance after he was defeated by Uhuru Kenyatta, Opposition leader Odinga resurfaced at Kibera’s Kamukunji grounds addressing his followers, he steered clear from calling for violence but used his stalwarts James Orengo, Babu Owino, Millie Odhiambo among other luo politicians to create more tension in the slum.
The rejection of the results raise fears that the opposition will call for street protests which has severally led to fierce battle between security forces and the arrogant demonstrators.

Mudavadi, Wetangula, Rutto, Kalonzo seek lifeline


Wiper Democratic Movement leader, Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka has led three of his NASA Principals, Musalia Mudavadi, Moses Wetangula and Isaac Rutto to seek for a political lifeline with the Jubilee Government after their coalition was beaten hands down by the ruling party in the just concluded general election.
The four principals said that they did not want to be in Kenya’s political wilderness and were ready to join the Jubilee Government to spur economic developments in the country.
According to reliable sources within NASA, the four principals convened a meeting after they realised that ODM leader Raila Odinga was using their failure in August eight elections to bargain for his own survival and wealth. Confidential reports revealed that Raila was demanding 10 billion shillings from Uhuru Kenyatta to concede defeat.
The four principals also said that Raila Odinga is a political goon who thrives in chaos and tension across the country more especially his gullible tribesmen who reside in Nairobi’s shanty slums of Kibera, Mathare and Luo Nyanza. They added that they were not ready to trade their followers with the ODM leader and instead are ready to make amends with Jubilee leadership. This is the reason why they refused to show up at a rally held on Sunday at Kibra grounds. Kalonzo, Wetangula and Musalia were heard saying that they will not allow Raila to mislead Kambas and Luhyas as he is misleading Luos.
The NASA political melee attributed to Raila Odinga has put the four chiefs in a limbo and have resulted to reach the President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta for their political salvation. The President had offered an olive branch to NASA after he was declared the winner.

Raila Demands Ksh. 10B to Concede



Confidential sources have said Raila has demanded 10 billion shillings before conceding. He has sent emissaries to Uhuru to demand the cash. With conditions he wants 10 billion shillings or else.
The ‘or else’ condition includes sending his riots unit which include youths to specific hotspots in Kisumu , Homa Bay , Siaya
and Nairobi to stir up chaos.
He promises to stall activity in
the country, specifically Nairobi
if demands are not met.

The New York Times

Kenya’s national elections last Tuesday were closely watched around the world, less for the results than for the threat of violence that has marred past elections. Barack Obama, whose father was a Kenyan, had been among those urging the country’s leaders to “reject violence and incitement.”

That has not happened. Raila Odinga, a perennial loser, began crying foul long before the election commission declared that President Uhuru Kenyatta was re-elected with 54 percent of the vote to Mr. Odinga’s 45. Mr. Odinga’s unsubstantiated claims have already touched off rioting in parts of the country, and the violence could spread.


The presidency was one of 1,880 positions Kenya’s 19 million voters were to fill. It was the most closely and nervously monitored race because of the violence following past presidential elections, notably in 2007, when more than 1,300 people died and hundreds of thousands were displaced.

Since then the Kenyan government has made admirable changes to the Constitution, devolving considerable powers to 47 newly created counties so that the presidential race would not be a winner-take-all affair. But ethnic identity still plays a major role in Kenyan politics, with all but one president since independence, including Jomo Kenyatta, the first president and father of the current one, coming from the Kikuyu tribe, the country’s largest.

Both President Kenyatta and Mr. Odinga, a Luo, come from families and networks that have dominated Kenyan politics since independence, and both represent coalitions of ethnic groups. Mr. Odinga has once again fanned the embers of ethnic strife

That is disgraceful and unnecessary. International monitors from the African Union, the United States and Europe said they witnessed no foul play; former United States Secretary of State John Kerry, co-leader of the Carter Center’s mission of election observers, praised Kenya’s election commission for its transparency and diligence. All observers have urged Mr. Odinga and other losing candidates to refer any allegations of fraud to the commission and the courts.

Mr. Odinga’s specific claim is that Mr. Kenyatta’s Jubilee party hacked into the election commission’s computers to manipulate results, using the identity of Christopher Chege Musando, the commission communications manager who was murdered a few days before the voting. His death remains unsolved. The commission said that there was an attempt to hack the computers but that it failed.

All that can and should be checked. But in the meantime it is imperative that Mr. Odinga strongly urge his followers to remain calm. At 72, he might mull the idea that a display of respect for the new Constitution would be a far better legacy than another bloody spasm of violence.


Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 17.22.46.png

Dear friends, please be careful with what you post. Verify your sources well before hitting that button. Your candidate may have lost, you may feel bitter and aggrieved. But life has to go on. As we speak, Nairobi County Police Commander Japheth Koome has announced that a Special Cyber Crimes Unit has started summoning those creating fake stories and spreading them. Those expressing anger by threatening others are also being summoned. A senior banker in Nairobi is right now in hiding after Detectives camped at his place of work. He had posted threatening messages. A Medical Doctor is right now on the run.
Why should one end up in such circumstances? Why create a hoax that Mungiki are slaughtering people? Why?
Politicians come and go. Parties come and go. Political seasons come and go. But if you find yourself in hiding, your life will not be the same.
Please stop spreading false reports.