Today, I’ll be sharing lessons and insights from the election season since March.
The first is about Secret Tears.
Never ever make anyone shed secret tears if you ever want to make it in life. If someone sheds secret tears, let it be due to something beyond you, not something you do deliberately. For instance, if a business venture collapses, and there is nothing you could do to stop it….there may be secret tears from stakeholders, but you will not be wholly responsible. But if you deliberately destroy a business venture, secret tears from stakeholders will affect you.
Applied to the election, we all know what a top political leader from Nyanza does, and did during the ODM Nominations.
Dr Paul Otuoma openly won, but was denied the Busia ticket. Otuoma and his supporters are still shedding secret tears. He narrowly lost main election after ODM employed the usual propaganda and fear mongering.
Eng Gumbo won in Siaya, but was denied the ticket. He narrowly lost main election after ODM employed the usual propaganda and fear mongering, and Rasanga broke all election rules and compromised local election officials. Siaya residents are shedding secret tears. The thought of being led by a total nincompoop for another five years even makes the tears more bitter.
Prof Nyong’o openly stole the ODM ticket. Ranguma beat him during the nomination. Prof Nyong’o won after employing dirty propaganda and fear mongering against Ranguma. Ranguma and his supporters are still shedding secret tears.
In Homa Bay, the voters rejected Awiti. But he was forcefully given ticket. As we speak, Homa Bay is wailing secret tears, at the thought of being led by the most corrupt team south of Sahara, north of Limpopo.
The number of MPs that were wickedly kicked out is even higher. Hard working people like Muluan, Midiwo, Neto, Ongiri and many others were denied the ticket. They are still shedding bitter tears.
Before the election, I confidently and publicly stated that Raila is too wicked to win anything. The kind of tears he makes people shed will haunt him.
It came to pass.
Just like the people Raila oppressed are still shedding bitter tears, Raila – the most wicked man in Africa- will shed tears 100 times.
He has been isolated with the International Community. He has been isolated by the Kambas, Luhyias, Miji Kenda and Kisiis who voted for him. He is just left with the Luo.
His fight for ” justice ” is doomed. His attempts to blackmail Uhuru have fallen flat. His attempts to stall the economy by strikes and riots have fallen flat.
Raila is now confused. Like a Deer struck by powerful headlights, he is paralysed and bamboozled.
Get it from me. Wicked Raila will cry, and cry alone. Wicked Raila will exit the scene in total shame and total isolation. Wicked Raila will be remembered for his Wickedness, not for the false “Democratic” credentials.