What’s next?

I’ve seen people speculating about the next Luo Political Kingpin, now that Raila is leaving the stage. I think they are going about it wrong. In my opinion, Luos don’t need a new political kingpin…someone to take our obsession with the presidency to the insane levels. No, we are in desperate need of economic emancipation. In that regard we need

1. An economic revolutionist, someone who will inspire us to exploit our unexploited resources.

2. Someone who can depoliticize our lifestyle, help us realize that there is more to life than dominating national politics.

3. Someone who can bargain for us not with us…an acceptable figure who can reach out to investors.

We don’t need political unity, ours has been useless at best and at worst created monstrous personality cults. We need economic unity.

Which brings us to the big question; who can take the Luo nation to that direction? Any suggestions?