We never forget

Brutus Moment?? At the height of the bitter supremacy battle between Raila on one side, and Orengo and Nyong’o on the other:- I wrote several stories in the Weekly Review 1998-1999. Orengo and Nyong’o described Raila in terms that would make my FB posts look mild.
However, after coming with reality that Raila had zombified his followers, the duo stopped fighting Raila and became topmost sycophants, bootlickers and court poets.
To me, this was just a tactical retreat.
I believe Orengo wants to make a fool of Raila in this Supreme Court Case. Afterwards, he will take him round ridiculous circles- totally destroying the little that is left of Raila’s legacy. Orengo was behind the move to kick Jakoyo out of the kitchen cabinet.
We are going to witness very interesting days ahead as Orengo drags Raila through mud to totally destroy the old bitter, and now confused man.
They say Revenge is best served cold.

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