Surely whats wrong with NASA?

1. They went to Supreme Court saying some Form 34 A’s were not signed by POs.

The change pushed by Jubilee makes it a criminal offence for any PO to fail to sign Form 34A

2 They went to Supreme Court saying that CECs who are also Constituency Returning Officers did not sign Form 34B’s.

The amendment we seek will make it a criminal offence with a jail term of 5 years if they fail to sign 34 B’s

3. They went to Supreme Court alleging that Wafula Chebukati announced the results before receiving all 34 A’s and 34 B’s.

This amendment binds the National Returning Officer to receive all 34 As and 34Bs, validate them and reconcile them before announcing the Presidential Result

4. They went to Supreme Court saying that in some areas the electronic transmission failed due to unavailability of 3G and 4G networks.

Agreed. This amendment makes the actual manual original Form 34A the single source of truth in case there is no connectivity in a polling station

5. Good corporate governance demands that there is continuity in any organisation. If Wafula Chebukati is unwell at any one time, surely the IEBC should be able to perform.

6. As parliament we are required to vote with a two-thirds majority for motions and bills with far reaching consequences on the governance of this country.

This amendment requires the same two thirds threshold on the decision of the Supreme Court and the IEBC.

NASA should be giving Jubilee a medal

Hon Moses Kuria
Nairobi Business Community

Raila the ‘poverty King’

Francis Atwoli yesternight gave some interesting perspective as to why there is tension in this country.
He attributes it to poverty and hunger.
He says that someone that is busy and well fed would not waste time running to one Demo after another.
He said that if Counties really worked well, tensions would reduce in the country, since nobody would care who the President in Nairobi was.
That is the point that I have been trying to push in the minds, hearts and souls of Raila diehards. But, as they say,Sikio la Kufa halisikii dawa.
Lake basin Counties right from Busia to Migori handled 310 billion shillings between 2013 to 2017.
Raila Odinga has absolute political control in the region, based on how he rigged unpopular candidates and ensured that they were re elected.
In order to shame the “big thieves” in Nairobi, Raila would have showed Kenyans what he can do by ensuring that the Counties worked well, delivered and foreign investors came.
Instead, what do we have? The only investor in the region Dominion Farms is taking off due to extortion by RAILA himself. He took off just when another American Investor was about to launch a 10 billion shilling small holder project in Siaya. he took off when he had completed the Sugar Factory, and was about to start milling, something that would have created jobs for at least 30,000 families. Governors that stole billions and are living large were re-elected.
It is clear that Devolution is being eaten by Raila, and he wants his people poor so that they can go chew teargas on his behalf, and have women stripping naked in broad daylight.
That is why I keep repeating….anyone that supports the evil, poverty king Raila is also a lover of poverty.

Elected Luo leaders have one simple job…’defend Jakom’

It doesn’t matter if they’re governors looting their counties dry, MPs mismanaging CDF or MCAs spending their term on holidays. As long as they can find time and money to attended and fund Jakom’s ‘liberation events’, they are good to go.

But there are those who want more…those who want to be closest to Baba and dearest to his supporters. These have to debase themselves; they have to appear tougher..and more passionate about ‘change’ than everyone else. For instance…

1. My friend Milly calling Uhuru fisi among other ugly monikers isn’t because she believes he is one…it’s how you appease the voters and get reelected

2. Mbadi saying he’ll match to statehouse and remove the ‘impostor’ occupying it, doesn’t mean he is oblivious of Uhuru’s incumbency…it’s to appease Baba and his supporters…that way he’ll remain party chairman and parliamentary leader

3. Gladys Wanga’s daily threats have nothing to do with her ability to turn this country upside down…she can turn nothing apart from…it’s to appease jakom and get associated political perks.

4. Babu Owino knows how to be a Luo hero these days…you must abuse ‘Ouru’…it’s what he’s doing. And Jakom rewards such courage. He’s currently celebrated as ‘dawa ya Moses Kuria’. Expect more from him.

5. Orengo’s threats and theatrics are all aimed at being seen to be helping Jakom and enjoy the benefits of loyalty. Now you know why he was reelected without campaigning. He’ll say worse things in the days to come.

Even ODM bloggers are not left out. The more you can insult Uhuru and Kikuyus the more popular and ‘objective’ you are.

Should Uhuru go after them, they transform from mortal to immortal martyrs. Thank goodness The President understands their desperation and has always shown them the contempt card.

He knows such mediocrity will continue as long as ‘Agwambo” lives.


Sasa tukusaidie aje Mzee?

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Hutaki IEBC,
Hutaki election,
Hutaki kdf,
Hutaki police,
Hutaki watoto wafanye mitihani,
Hutaki uchaguzi,
Hutaki Safaricom,
Hutaki kutumia akili,
Hutaki common sense,
Hutaki alghurai printer
Hutaki safran morpho
Hutaki election date
Hutaki chiloba
Hutaki maendeleo
Hutaki uhuru
Hutaki returnig officers
Hutaki amani
Hutaki matiangi
Hutaki chebukati
Hutaki isaac hasan
Hutaki sgr itengenezwe
Hutaki kweda bondo
Hutaki serikari
Hutaki katiba
Hutaki form 34 B

Lakini unataka maadamano .

 The only time a vacancy appears in the Presidency is when

– The incumbent dies…
– The incumbent is declared bankrupt…
– The incumbent is declared unfit for the office due to insanity…
– When another person is declared the winner after winning in a presidential election conducted as per the dictates of the constitution..

 On the fallacy that a presidential election must take place in all the 290 constituencies for an election to be valid

– The law requires the IEBC to avail the requisite electoral materials to all the gazetted polling stations..
– The law does not provide for compulsory voting on Kenyans , hence, its not a requirement that a non willing Kenyan must vote!!

-Disruption of an electoral process is an electoral offence ….

That means, If ODM goons tries to disrupt elections in Nyanza, Raila will be disqualified, papo hapo!!

With that information, Raila and co can go ahead and try to stop the election!!!

Now you know!!


NASA Now Opposes UNDP Financing IEBC And Procurement Of Ballot Papers

Kahawa Tungu

NASA has now raised issue with UNDP financing and aiding the IEBC in the procurement of ballot papers they said that Al Ghurair was the go to supplier of the UN when it came to printing of ballot papers.


Communications Director for the Orange Democratic Party Philip Etale said that Zambia had  previously complained about the UNDP and financing elections. He said in all countries that the UNDP financed and procured from Al Ghurair, The elections ended up being contested.This countries include Haiti,Zambia, Madagascar, Libya Mali among others.

NASA also claims that Ezra Chiloba had ties with the UNDP as he previously worked as a program Analyst -Electoral and processes.

NASA have based their demonstrations on the two issues which are the printing of ballot papers by Al Ghurair and also the removal IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba.

Wafula Chebukati had earlier written to the NASA coalition about the agreement with the UNDP to finance where the agency had offered to purchase the ballot papers and results forms.

Wonders will never end


Truly to be a Raila Odinga, you need more than special grace.

Yes, you have to lie to yourself every now and then…and must believe your own lies as the living truth. For instance…

1.You have to call press conferences claiming you’ve accessed IEBC server and can prove they were hacked…tjat the results in the server favor Uhuru. You insist manual tallying of the forms will show you won.

But before we could even go through the evidence (logs from the server) you provided…

2. You call another presser to claim there was no hacking…the data on in the IEBC servers now show you won. In fact, you even show screenshots of the results in the IEBC servers. In twisted move though…

3. You go to court demanding access to the servers…to prove they were hacked in favor of Uhuru but show you won…

Now you are saying the results are stuck somewhere in France…and even though you are yet to access them, they show you won. You don’t trust the forms and what’s in the ballot box…

All you know is that a compromised server in France has proof you won election…

And to make matters even more interesting, there are grown ups singing “ndio Baba” to the above gibberish.