Dear Maraga, this is how we will do it:
1. Kiambu——–1m votes
2. Muranga/Nyeri….1m
3. Kirinyaga/Embu…1 m
4. T/Nithi/ Meru….1 m
5. Nyandarua/ Nakuru …….. 1m votes
6. Nairobi/ Kajiado/Narok…..1 m votes
7. Nyamira/Kisii/ Bomet/ Kericho……1 m votes
8. Nandi/Uashin Gishu/Trans Nzoia…..1 m votes
9. Laikipia/Samburu/Baringo/ Elgeyo Marakwet/West Pokot…..1 m votes
10. Isiolo/Marsabit/Garissa/Wajir/Mandera/ Tana River/ Lamu….1 m votes
11. All other counties to give 600,000 votes
Total= 10.6 m votes.



How and why NASA wants a nusu-mkate


Let’s not act naive, our Judiciary has (in the past) arrived at nonsensical rulings.
1. Barely a month to elections, a 3-judge bench at the High Court (led by Odunga) ruled that IEBC had to re-tender the printing of presidential ballot papers citing lack of “public participation” during the tendering process. Even the judges themselves couldn’t explain (to IEBC) what “public participation during tendering” meant, let alone how it could only affect the presidential ballot papers.
ODMlets, as usual, sang Bado mapambano and danced Raila Tibim at the court to celebrate the “historic ruling”.
We poked bigger holes in the ruling and protested against an activist/political Judiciary. And the useless ruling was overturned at the Court of Appeal.
2. An activist Court ruled that presidential results at the constituency were final and not subject to further verification and or changes. We found this to be a trap (because some Returning Officers in ODM strongholds could deliberately fail to sign Form 34Bs and invalidate the elections) and openly opposed the ridiculous ruling. It was sustained though (after ODM leader threatened the go the streets should the courts overturn the historic Odunga ruling).
3. The controversial SCOK ruling (the one that sent cougars to dance on our streets naked). The petitioner claimed the election was rigged in favor of Uhuru. They tried to highlight several irregularities that supposedly skewed results in Uhuruto’s favor. Well, instead of ordering for manual recount of the votes (cast by 15m Kenyans) to see who (before filling the forms and transmission) won the election, Maraga and Co nullified the elections and ordered for a repeat based on deliberate irregularities (see no 2 above).
As expected, ODMlets have praised the “historic ruling” and asked us to accept and move on…terming our criticisms and promise to revisit the political ruling as “threatening the independence of Judiciary”. Well, we’ve accepted the ruling and moving on towards a fresh election.
Now that IEBC has been ordered to conduct elections within 60 days “in strict adherence to the constitution”…details which are contained in a ruling they’ll have to wait for 21 days to go through, will the remaining 30 days be sufficient to comply with whatever the instructions will be? Let’s say 30 days will be more than enough…
ODM is already at the court demanding to replace the IEBC commissioners and Secretariat. Can we do all that and still hold a presidential election in STRICT adherence to the constitution within 60 days? I don’t think so.
ODM wants a constitutional crisis followed by a caretaker government aka nusu mkeka deal. Ladies and gentlemen, our friends are that desperate and power hungry.

History Repeats Itself

Only Four Countries in the world have nullified the presidential election.
👉🏻Ukraine annulled its presidential election but after repeat of the polls Victor Yuchchenko won again with 52% in 2004.
👉🏻Maldives in 2013 the presidential election was nullified but after repeat they got same results.
👉🏻Austria The presidential results were nullified but after repeat Van Der Bellen won again with 53. 8%
👉🏻In Kenya the supreme court has nullified the presidential election but Uhuru Kenyatta will win again with the same results of 54% or more.

Wahenga walinena kwamba nyani ni wale wale misitu ndio hubadilika


Munya’s move to join NASA has shocked us to the core. As the leader of the very popular PNU, I must confess he’s taken with him millions of voters to NASA.
Now add his 1m to Koigi’s 1.7m and Isaac Ruto’s 1.5m votes…and see why Kanaan is so real.
Haki Munya has finished us…please Munya come back…without you we are nothing.