From a letter dated 21st July 2017, UK’s Government Communication Headquarters in Nairobi wrote a letter to the London government expressing their dissatisfaction with Raila’s conduct. Below is the letter.


The Republic of Kenya is one of The United Kingdom’s closest allies and strategic partners in Africa. Our relationship traces its journey from the late 19th century, to date. This analysis focuses on the upcoming general election, and the aftermath of a dangerous scheme hatched by an array of dirty financial titans in Kenya and abroad.

Jimmy Wanjigi and Raila Odinga.

Jimmy Wanjigi comes from one of Kenya’s wealthiest families, and has set his sights on bringing down the government of President Uhuru Kenyatta. To attain his goal, he has put his financial muscle behind candidate Raila Odinga, and forced together a formidable coalition of tribal kingpins behind the National Alliance Super Coalition, whom he hopes will pull off a surprise victory on Election Day.

What is alarming, is the reasons behind Mr. Wanjigi’s decision to influence this elections that has our security staff at the high commission in Nairobi deeply worried.
Our intelligence services have been listening in on him, and his political and business

associates in Kenya and outside, and has been able to piece together a rather bleak picture for Kenya and the East African frontline states. Mr. Wanjigi has strong armed Mr. Odinga into signing several agreements which will make him the de facto kingpin if the NASA Coalition wins the General Election. The following is a list of some of the most troubling ideas that this dangerous demagogue has up his sleeve.

Eastern European Connection

He has made a deal with Serbian and Russian actors to turn Kenya Defence Forces into an end user of military ammunition and equipment originating from Eastern Europe. He has devised a plan to privatize the Eldoret bullet factory and acquire a majority stake to produce Eastern European ammo. We suspect he wants to train and arm his own militia to use as leverage on Mr. Odinga if new President goes out of line.

We also know that this militia will be used to carry out attacks on British and Canadian oil companies operating in Lokichar area of Turkana County. If his plan succeeds and Tullow Oil and Africa Oil Corporation pull out, they will re-negotiate with oil companies from Asia. The Hydro carbon estimate from Southern Ethiopian to the Turkana region is roughly 23 billion barrels of crude, making it a hotspot for oil majors from across the globe.


Port of Mombasa.

Mr. Wanjigi has boxed the NASA leadership into signing a concession agreement to have the Port of Mombasa handed over to him and the family of Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho for operational control. This is a dangerous move, because Governor Joho and his family are well known in the narcotics trade. The port city of Mombasa will become a center for drug trafficking, and the impact on our citizens will be catastrophic, where over 200,000 of our nationals’ vacation annually.

Withdrawal of BATUK from Laikipia Air Base and Kahawa Garisson, and the US Military from Manda Naval Bay.

Our intelligence officers have captured conversations between Mr. Wanjigi and his Eastern European criminal associates with the latter assuring them that British Army Training Unit in Kenya, and The United States Military will be withdrawn from Kenyan soil. His main gripe with the US and the UK, stem from a travel ban imposed on him and his family ten years ago for his role in the Anglo Leasing scandal where the Republic of Kenya lost colossal amounts of money.

The withdrawal of British army will be a precursor for violent land invasions in the areas surrounding the Laikipia Air Base, where our troops are stationed, while 95% of the targeted land is owned by our nationals. Mr. Odinga was recently captured on local media calling for the ‘dismantling of the white owned lands’. Mr. Wanjigi is financing the local NASA leaders, who in turn send the money via MPESA mobile payments to the local tribal militia who are orchestrating the violent attacks. If the security situation deteriorates further, we have drawn up a robust action plan to protect our citizens from these marauding thugs.

We can also report that Jimmy Wanjigi has been responsible for flying in to Kenya several Chinese hackers to access security installations, the country’s electoral body, and other vital government agencies. These criminal elements are part of the Chinese Triad Mafia Organization that has set up shop in Kenya. With this kind of associates working with Mr. Wanjigi, this country is on the verge of becoming the center for money laundering and trans-national crime, and a haven for international criminal networks.

Raila Odinga is an unsettled old man trying to achieve his father’s dreams and aspirations. This has also been a lifelong burden. That he has accepted to be manipulated by a corrupt and wily business man to achieve his ambition of being president of Kenya goes to elaborate how desperate he has become. Unbridled greed coupled with new found access to power will make Jimmy Wanjigi a dangerous man. He once slapped a former Interior Minister, for delaying an over inflated payment for substandard equipment he had delivered to that ministry.

These circumstances have forced us to re assess our views on Mr. Odinga. He does not have the gravitas to execute the leadership required to run the country. We will maintain our faith in President Kenyatta. This was underscored by the visit earlier this summer to the United Kingdom, and the vote of confidence he got from Prime Minister Theresa May at No. 10 Downing Street, and the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, at Buckingham Palace. Mr. Kenyatta has successfully turned Kenya into a vibrant international business hub, with the United Kingdom being the second largest foreign investor in the country. We will continue to liaise with our American and European Union partners by staying engaged with the Government of President Kenyatta, especially in the post-election period when he will need our unequivocal support.





Otuoma dumps Raila for Uhuru ahead of October rerun

Citizen Digital


Busia independent governor contender Paul Otuoma has now pledged to support President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election bid set for next month.

The fresh presidential poll is set for October 17, a date that the opposition has declared “null and void” saying that they weren’t consulted.

Otuoma accused ODM and NASA leader Raila Odinga of favouritism in the party and alliance, complaining he favored his ODM opponent, now governor Sospeter Ojaamong in the governor race.

Addressing media in Funyula, the ex-MP lamented that he backed Raila in the last poll despite the ODM leaders bias against him.

Otuoma acrimoniously lost in the ODM primaries in his bid to unseat Ojaamong after which he ditched the party and sought the Busia governor’s seat on an independent ticket but lost to the incumbent in the August 8 poll.

A typical RAO supporter

A typical Rao Supporter (irrespective of education or societal standing) BELIEVES there is no way two people ( Uhuru and Ruto) can defeat five ( Rao, Kalonzo, Mudavadi, Wetangula and Isaac Ruto) in a free and fair election.

Now, as statically unrealistic as this belief is and sounds, it’s why they will never concede defeat. It’s because of this illogical conviction that they’ll always see elections as rigged unless Rao is declared the winner.

Don’t bother telling them the ugly truth that the combined political influence of Mudavadi, Wetangula and Kalonzo is less than two thirds Uhuru’s support base.

Stop wasting time proving that Rao’s Luo Nyanza and Coastal support bases are insignificant compared to Ruto’s Rift Valley. They’d rather listen to how influential Munya and Isaac Ruto are.

Whether it’s what they’ve decided to believe to run away from the ugly truth that their Supremo is no match or whether it’s stemming from decades of brainwashing matters not. They are ready to secede based on this awkward belief.

Now you understand our competitors.

Watu wa Jubilee…. Hapa kuna mchezo.

Raila ana cheza game Kali sana.
The sooner we wake up, the better.
Chebukati, who is a life member of ODM has staged a major Coup in IEBC. He has kicked out independent and experienced IEBC directors and CEO, and replaced them with suspect characters.
Remember, the Supreme Court threw out the Election after an audit found out that several Forms 34 Bs from the Coast were not signed.
Remember the Supreme Court nullified the elections after several Form 34As were found to have been fake and with no security features.
Question everyone is asking is this: who were the Returning Officers who presented the Unsigned Forms? Who were the Presiding Officers who presented the fake papers?
Who received the unsigned forms?
Now listen carefully.
Marjan Hussein Marjan, the man who has taken over from Chiloba, was the one DIRECTLY in charge of of receiving Forms at Bomas. He is the one who was supposed to reject the fake forms. He did not. Together with the Presiding Officers, he should be in jail right now.
Albert Gogo, the guy who has taken over as head of IT was the guy in charge of Coast Region. It is Coast region that produced 80% of fake forms and 90% of unsigned forms.
Albert Gogo and the Returning Officers ought to be in jail.
Characteristic of Raila, he should have released a press statement condemning Chebukati. He has not. Maybe, he will release after reading this.
Unless we start asking hard questions now….we will be shocked.
Whatever Raila accuses you of…he is doing……
His Rigging claims may just be a cover for what he is doing.
We have to wake up, otherwise our majority numbers will be nullified by these Coup Plotters.

NASA must get its act together, or lose again

Larry Madowo


A hush went around the NTV gallery as the Supreme Court judges walked in to deliver their judgement in the presidential petition. The control room during a major news event like that is usually a buzz of activity, with producers, editors and the crew managing multiple live feeds and making split-second decisions about what to put on air.

When Chief Justice David Maraga started reading his preamble and announced it was a majority decision, a lot of jaws dropped. “Guys, we’re going back to another election!” somebody gasped.



As justices JB Ojwang’ and Njoki Ndung’u read summaries of their dissenting opinions, we drafted the text for the breaking news flash we would use to break the news once it was confirmed.

When he dropped the bombshell on the annulment of the presidential poll, we were ready: “Supreme Court invalidates Uhuru election”, the screen screamed.

“Are we doing another presidential debate?” someone else wondered aloud.

Just like many around the country and the world at large, the newsroom was stunned. This was the petition that had been roundly criticised by lawyers for both the IEBC and President Uhuru Kenyatta, and was generally expected to fail at the Supreme Court.

Live on air, celebrations broke out in Kisumu, Mombasa, parts of Nairobi and outside the Supreme Court. Raila Odinga had the biggest smile I have ever seen on his face as some in his legal team sang and danced while Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo shed a tear lying prostrate outside the court.

The wall-to-wall coverage continued, with two statements from the victorious NASA team, a deflated Wafula Chebukati and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Our live shots from Gatundu and Eldoret were quiet as Jubilee strongholds came to terms with the shock decision of the highest court in the land.

Online, NASA supporters gloated while Jubilee followers promised to re-elect their candidate with an even bigger margin. “I’m Re-Voting for Uhuru and Ruto” posters started appearing on timelines in a show of defiance.

Euphoria met rage in a rare re-enactment of the reaction to the announcement of the presidential election just a fortnight ago, but for just for the opposite sides this time. We’re in for two more months of trash talking, propaganda and fake news.

This will probably be the most antagonistic campaign ever if the last few days are anything to go by. President Kenyatta feels aggrieved by the decision of “six people” and has promised to revisit the Supreme Court ruling after the new election in what appears to be a direct threat to the institution’s independence if he is re-elected. He and his base blame Raila Odinga, whom they see as a perennial sore loser who has cut short their honeymoon even though they have a parliamentary majority and more elected leaders than NASA countrywide.

The new election is Raila’s to lose. He must be better organised, he must get the highest turnout, he must outspend and outthink Uhuru or he might never be president.

They both claim they are ready but the next 50 or so days will really tell who was underprepared, who took things for granted and who really wants to rule. President Kenyatta has a huge head start, not just because of incumbency and the human and material resources at his disposal, but also the fact that he has already deployed his campaign team.

Many observers believe Uhuru ran a better campaign than Raila though he got slammed for using taxpayer funds to sell his agenda hiding under the “GOK Delivers” branding. The IEBC will probably be more vigilant to avoid any legal loopholes that might invalidate another election, so everyone will have to play by the rules a bit more, which levels the playing field to a certain degree.

With NASA at a disadvantage and using fewer elected representatives to mobilise than their opponents, they have to work twice as hard, get agents

everywhere, to even scratch the surface. Raila has to reach out to Kisii and Nyamira one more time, consolidate whatever he can get in Bomet and Meru as well as put on the charm for the vote-rich Western region.

Even though they were thrown out, they should assume that Uhuru, in fact, had a 1.4 million vote lead over them and try to figure out how to recover that and beat it.

It will take a miracle for the Opposition coalition to win this presidential election, but not everyone gets a do-over of a race after it is complete.

They have the luxury of 20/20 hindsight to review what might have gone awry and try to correct course. Who exactly is the underdog in this case is now hard to tell. We’re going to be burning the midnight oil to follow every moment of this crazy campaign season until the fat lady sings. May the better man win!