Raila the gyna


At this rate, Raila will call a press conference to talk about a missing cat in his Karen neighborhood!

Following Hassan Omar’s explosive presser earlier today, the heckling of Kalonzo at Wiper House, Rumors of Munya leaving and realizing no one gives a hoot if they boycotted parliament opening and or Oct 17 election…Rao has decided to divert our attention. How?

He has just held a presser where he doubled up as a health science expert. The opposition leader has announced that our girls and women are unable to carry pregnancy because of the Tetanus Vaccination.

In short, #RailaTheGyna is telling us that he has a more reliable research team than WHO and UNICEF who issued the statement below in regards to that matter.



We have the numbers we can impeach Raila in 3 months if he wins: Uhuru


President Uhuru Kenyatta during his speech at the State house on Monday 11 September said that they will impeach Raila Odinga if he wins the October 17 repeat elections.

“Hakuna haja ya kuogopa, tuambie watu ukweli…na hiyo ndio ukweli. Ata akichaguliwa… we have the opportunity in parliament within two months, three months, tumemtoa,” said president Uhuru Kenyatta.

President Uhuru has also dared Nasa MPs and senators to skip the first sitting of 12th Parliament. He said that Jubilee has enough numbers to conduct House business.