I want to first appreciate H.E Uhuru Kenyatta for the good work he has done for the Gusii community and the youth, for the first time we have had senior positions in government. The most powerful cabinet secretary is from kisii, Fred matiangi holding two powerful dockets.

The president of the Supreme Court, David Maraga is also our blessing from the government, although the disappointment he made by creating a political crisis in our nation after disowning the will of the people. Not forgetting the many directors and chairpersons from kisii who head parastatals, the likes of Walter nyambane who is the director of youth liaison at the office of the president. We requesting the president to appoint someone youthful either nyambane, kibagendi, Millicent omanga or momanyi the former embakasi east jubilee aspirant to stear the youths campaign in gusii land because they have the touch on the ground.

Walter nyambane has come up with the Sauti 47 empowerment forum which has brought the youths and comrades together to discuss our economic and political good will and the president and his deputy are in support.

We also like the kisii campaign strategy to be reviewed, the leaders spearheading the jubilee agenda be leaders who understand the new political dynamics, we also wish to include fresh minds and ideas from youths who are the majority and can mobilise numbers for the president. The youth should be the backbone of the jubilee team. We are calling for the president to include university and college students in this campaign.gusii youths both in village and university want audience with the president to present their interest and strategize the way forward.
The youth have also formed a lobby group ‘comrades for uhuruto’ to stear the jubilee campaigns in kisii.
Gusii university and college student leaders and village youth leaders will bond and form a formidable team to sell the jubilee agenda based on jubilee development issues and not like its being handled leaders using the youths perceived to be their total sycophants to sell our jubilee agenda in the region.

We making a humble request before our president to look for someone youthful among the gusii leaders to lead the youth campaign team in kusii and nyamira counties.

*Youth leader,voice of the lost hope*



This must STOP

A group of Women meet for a convention. The prayer hating and juju loving side trigger off an attack. Lee Makwiny starts spreading lies that IDs are being bought. The Luo FM stations recklessly help in spreading the lie. Within 20 minutes, a huge gang of bloodthirsty Raila zombies arrive. Had it not been the extra diligent Kisumu Police, those women would have been burnt to death.
Lee Makwiny should be arrested, the FM stations presenters should be arrested… Otherwise we are taking a dangerous path.
Kudos to Kenya Police for stopping the bloodbath. It’s not easy to be a Police officer in Kisumu.

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