Jack Belle

• I am a sworn disciple of the Raila Odinga philosophy and agenda for Kenya. I am no blogger neither do I aspire to be one. These are the musings of a NASA supporter. I badly want Raila to win, but I’m also cognizant of the fact that if they won’t change their game-plan then winning will remain as elusive as the famous IEBC servers in Europe.

• Here are my pedestrian proposals on what NASA must do to win on 17th October 2017. Anything less will see Jubilee wipe the floor with them. Literally. Again.

NASA must realize they are dealing with a a highly organized giant. Their opponents are vicious, crafty and ruthless. there is no extent to which they cannot go. Just ask Musando. The Supreme Court left them wounded and they will fight fiercely to be vindicated. Before August 8th, whenever a milestone was achieved in solidifying the credibility of the August poll through litigation, while NASA would revel in their victory while Jublilee would retreat to find new ways of exploiting the regulations. Never expect fair-play, especially with so much at stake! Never trust systems, people are part of the system.

Jubilee has outclassed NASA in this area. The fact that most of the media are in bed with Jubilee does not make things any better.
Issues articulated by NASA are often pushed aside as the media focuses on theatrics and sideshows.

Please dance less, tone down on theatrics.
Articulate issues more. Talk about issues affecting the people. Tell them the alternatives you will offer.
Organize rallies properly, ensure crowd control.

One of the greatest propagandists of our time is one William Ruto. The guy can chew and run. He can make you doubt your own mother. He spins lies like yarns and often leaves opponents gasping for breath. Unleash a motormouth like Miguna Miguna to counter and keep him busy.

One of the most painful things is that most of our elected leaders are hanger-ons and opportunists. Instead of hitting the ground with campaigns and ensuring turn-out, they wait until Raila is going somewhere so they can tag along.
They wait for press conferences so that their electorates can see them standing next to Jakom. ojoga.
One distinct difference between Uhuru’s MP’s and ours is that they will do anything to ensure he wins.
They commit personal resources and time while ours wait to kudho filimbi and roll on the roads. It’s all hype, theatrics and no solid action.
Jakom has no boots on the ground.

My observation is that in the ‘backgrounds’ Jubilee does not just campaign and then move on to the next rally.
they leave their surrogates on the ground to articulate their agenda and do whatever else they do.
I’ve seen and felt it in Narok. No expense is spared.

NASA must not relent on their irreducible minimums. Chiloba is smarter than three Chebukatis combined and his arrogance is un-paralleled.
His deceptive smile oozes dishonesty and ungodly secrets like saliva from a rabid dog.

NASA must seriously soul-search on this issue especially in its strongholds. The turn out in Nyanza and Western Kenya was less than impressive.
This is an issue we cannot gloss over.
To make matters worse, Kalonzo has a lot of fire fighting to do in his backyard.
Mudavadi and Wetangula must meditate on this and go back home to turn the tides.

In 2013 I voted Kuria and ODM had no agents there.
In St. Kizito where I voted this year, there were no active agents and the old & illiterate were happily assisted by Jubilee agents.
The ill-prepared NASA agents that were there were ill-prepared and lackluster.
Invest in agents. Vet them. Train them.
Let our MPs be constituency agents in Jubilee strongholds.
Deploy serious agents in the ‘battlegrounds’.

Repackage the NASA message. Polish its delivery and articulation. Organize youth groups to move all round the country to spread the NASA gospel.
Ignore boardroom ‘know-it-alls’ who promise mountains and deliver nothing.
Get down to hard dirty work. A few rallies here and there won’t do us any good.
Engage Jubilee on all fronts. Spend some real money. Organize multiple rallies across all counties and let the message reverberate loudly.
Unleash firebrands to counter the Jubilee message.
The Raila today is not the Raila of the nineties. Age has taken its toll and we must take our turn.

“Your votes are fewer than the trees in Mitito Andei” so said someone to Kalonzo
Mudavadi was lured out from ODM that he would be president only to be called ‘Mademoni’
I ask the two gentlemen; who would fail to use such an arsenal to whip some political sentiments.
Suppose it was Ruto told the above, he would milk it for all it’s worth.
Don’t play gentleman politics with people who would kick anyone in the teeth for power.
Finally, I’m a peaceful Kenyan who will work with any side that wins.
Please share until it reaches the NASA bigwigs.

Where are NASA women leaders when they are needed?

Millie Odhiambo has not yet spoken against the violent humiliation women were given yesterday. Rosa Buyu, the Kisumu women rep has not yet spoken.
All the loudmouth women who claim baba is a liberator have not used any platform- social media or airwaves to demand justice for the women.
The source of the instruction to attack was Dennis Onyango, Raila’s spokesman. He then instructed the Odinga online movement to declare war. Blood was shed.
Had something similar happened in Kiambu, by now a Press Conference to defend women from decimation by Jubilee would have been called at Capital Hill.
This is why I say, supporting baba needs a total shutdown of brains.

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Questions needs to be answered


Damned if you do it, damned if you don’t!
That is the dilemma any true supporter of Uhuru faces when confronted by the cold solid facts that monkey games are being played by Raila, the Civil Society and the Judiciary.
You are faced with the question- do you you face the evil, dark Coup Plotters head on or do you chill and await for them to move. That is what Martin Ngunjiri Wambugu must have gone through before taking the petition.
First, I would urge everyone to carefully read through the Petition before supporting or dismissing it.
Second, the Petition raises very, very , very serious issues. If those issues are true, then we are cooked as a country. An evil Cartel being funded by Soros has simply taken over our Judiciary. They looked for a vessel, and they found money hungry and greedy Raila to use on the political front as they were taking over the country.
This is no laughing matter.
But there are key questions that Maraga, Wanjala and Lenaola must answer
1) They left the country soon after making that reckless decision… where did they go to? Why leave the country at such a time, when everyone expects them to give us the reasons they nullified the will of the majoruty
2) The control the CJ has given the NGOs funded by Soros in the Judiciary… isn’t that selling our country to foreign powers with known regime change history?
3) The periodic presence in Kenya of Ivan Marovic of OTPOR! a prominent Serbian group that has been responsible for the training of covert activist elements committed to regime change as happened in Egypt during the Tahrir Square uprising that led, eventually, to widespread violence.
4) Are we facing a scenario like that of Ukraine, when the Supreme Court threw out the will of the majority twice? Now that the three Judges were in Lithuania, and meeting key plotters of the Ukraine crisis… do we remain silent?

Inge kuwa wewe, would you remain silent in the midst of such a plot….. so that you do not annoy a section of Kenyans? Would you?