Questions needs to be answered


Damned if you do it, damned if you don’t!
That is the dilemma any true supporter of Uhuru faces when confronted by the cold solid facts that monkey games are being played by Raila, the Civil Society and the Judiciary.
You are faced with the question- do you you face the evil, dark Coup Plotters head on or do you chill and await for them to move. That is what Martin Ngunjiri Wambugu must have gone through before taking the petition.
First, I would urge everyone to carefully read through the Petition before supporting or dismissing it.
Second, the Petition raises very, very , very serious issues. If those issues are true, then we are cooked as a country. An evil Cartel being funded by Soros has simply taken over our Judiciary. They looked for a vessel, and they found money hungry and greedy Raila to use on the political front as they were taking over the country.
This is no laughing matter.
But there are key questions that Maraga, Wanjala and Lenaola must answer
1) They left the country soon after making that reckless decision… where did they go to? Why leave the country at such a time, when everyone expects them to give us the reasons they nullified the will of the majoruty
2) The control the CJ has given the NGOs funded by Soros in the Judiciary… isn’t that selling our country to foreign powers with known regime change history?
3) The periodic presence in Kenya of Ivan Marovic of OTPOR! a prominent Serbian group that has been responsible for the training of covert activist elements committed to regime change as happened in Egypt during the Tahrir Square uprising that led, eventually, to widespread violence.
4) Are we facing a scenario like that of Ukraine, when the Supreme Court threw out the will of the majority twice? Now that the three Judges were in Lithuania, and meeting key plotters of the Ukraine crisis… do we remain silent?

Inge kuwa wewe, would you remain silent in the midst of such a plot….. so that you do not annoy a section of Kenyans? Would you?

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