Raila thrives in chaos

If you thought Raila would come out and condemn those goons who lynched our mothers in Kisumu then you’ll wait a little longer. That’s how he has trained his people, intolerance. Kalonzo Musyoka in 2011 when he was still in his rightful mind(nowadays he never thinks) once said ‘ The Prime minister thrives where there’s chaos, violence and confusion’.

I once told you a story when I was at Signature club in Kisumu on the eve of reading the presidential dispute court verdict, I had gone to help my cousin sister move her belongings to Eldoret, she requested for a transfer due to political caused insecurities. She succeeded, as per majority’s expectations, we thought Maraga would uphold the reelection of Uhuru so the aftermath in Kisumu would be worse than violence.

We were to move her things that night but the car developed a mechanical problem with the brakes which took the whole night at the garage within town to make, by the way Luo mechanics are the best people you can ever interact with, they are among the few liberated from the yolk of Odingaism, one told me ” Wacha tuwasaidie bwana unajua Maraga asiposema baba hakusindwa mutateseka hapa these people are very bad”, by two O’clock at night they were done but another problem developed, the gate of the residence was closed, Jaduong the gateman was conspicuously missing with his cellular gadget off, probably he was stealing someone’s honey jar without signed form 34b within the neighborhood.

The whole process was pushed to the morning, my cousin sister was residing at Mamboleo, by the time we were done packing, the court verdict was read out, screams of rejoice took over the street’s and I thought we were lucky they’ll be peace but alas, I was informed jubilee affiliated tribes are being robbed and beaten in town.

Am not a man of conventional prayers but that day I whispered a request of protection from God, Owino an acquaintance whom I have always shared a meal with whenever I visit my sister in the plot gave us three NASA t-shirts as a security just in case.

We hit the road but there was a problem at the main stage, it was fully crowded and some goons were doing thorough check up on the cars especially to those who deemed not to celebrate, one spotted our pickup with a Kalenjin logo on the front and he alerted their fellows, they came running but distracted by an escaping young man who jumped out of a ‘United bread company’ lorry, he fell down and the gang frogmarched him to the centre of the crowd, I don’t know what happened to him, I only heard echoes of cries. We quickly wore the T-shirts, the goons came back but seeing the attire, one shouted, “Hii watu ni ya Baba bwana” and they passed to the next vehicle, sigh of relief, we finally made it out of the tragedy, we later donated the T-shirts out of the window to the needy at Awasi junction on our way to Eldoret.

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