If ‘democracy is expensive’ who pays the bill?

Having read today’s dailies, here is my take on the state of the nation;

It is now evident that Raila is not planning to participate in repeat elections. He has said so, his surrogates are saying so. This is why they are piling demands upon demands some of which cannot be met in remaining 36 days. A team which is ready for a match cannot demand a change of venue 15 minutes to kick off unless their plan is to post pone the match all together. Raila has demanded that Safran Morpho and Al Ghurair must go for him to participate in fresh elections. How on Earth can IEBC procure a new technology service provider in 36 days? This is not even possible considering our procurement process and time the new company will require to feed the data and configure their systems.

A report on today’s Standard quotes highly placed sources within NASA saying that their plan is to ensure President Uhuru Kenyatta is out of office for new elections to take place. According to the sources, NASA has put concrete measures in place to ensure fresh elections are not held. I join Mutahi Ngunyi in asking who is Raila to stop elections from taking place? Off course he will do what he does best, result to violence means. The same sources have indicated that governors elected on a NASA ticket have been tasked with ensuring no elections are held in their counties.

What options does President Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee have? Off course, the President continues to campaign and urging people to come out and vote. If elections are called and Raila and his militia decide to sabotage, he will be at liberty to take all necessary measures to preserve the state. Raila lies to himself that half of Kenya is with him. Wait until he unleashes violence on people, schools close, business shut down, people become jobless all because this one man wants a job so badly and you will see how fast Kenyans turn on him.

I watched Raila’s interview on Al-Jazeera where is said democracy is expensive. Then I asked myself, who will pay the bill. Raila is making this “democracy” this expensive because he knows he is not the one to pay the bill. The bill will be paid by you and me. If this country explodes, he will be safe in Karen and holding pressers urging his supporters​ to die so that he can lead.

Make no mistake, on 26th October, I will vote for my preferred candidate. Try and stop me at your own peril.


Congrats Kipchoge


Eliud Kipchoge spent five months preparing for the Berlin Marathon. He studied his competitors, worked on his weaknesses and made sure that he was on top form today. The ran perfectly for two hours and emerged victorious.
He did not use any performance enhancing drugs. He played fair.
Now, imagine if that Adulo guy from Ethiopia had the tabia of a certain old man.
Imagine, that just as Kipchoge was about to cross the line, some technical hitch happened on the Timer, and it went blank for a few seconds and came back. Or as he was picking the drinking water, some of it dropped on his competitor. Or during the race, someone played loud music ( that affected all competitors).
The Ethiopian would go to a Bible thumping Judge Maraga of Athletics. The Maraga of Athletics would declare that Kipchoge’s win was null because the Timer went off, or someone played loud music…. The Process…. The Timer….. etc would lead to the Nullification of the win.
Though Kipchoge did nothing wrong, he will be forced to run again.
That is Justice, Maraga style.