Congrats Kipchoge


Eliud Kipchoge spent five months preparing for the Berlin Marathon. He studied his competitors, worked on his weaknesses and made sure that he was on top form today. The ran perfectly for two hours and emerged victorious.
He did not use any performance enhancing drugs. He played fair.
Now, imagine if that Adulo guy from Ethiopia had the tabia of a certain old man.
Imagine, that just as Kipchoge was about to cross the line, some technical hitch happened on the Timer, and it went blank for a few seconds and came back. Or as he was picking the drinking water, some of it dropped on his competitor. Or during the race, someone played loud music ( that affected all competitors).
The Ethiopian would go to a Bible thumping Judge Maraga of Athletics. The Maraga of Athletics would declare that Kipchoge’s win was null because the Timer went off, or someone played loud music…. The Process…. The Timer….. etc would lead to the Nullification of the win.
Though Kipchoge did nothing wrong, he will be forced to run again.
That is Justice, Maraga style.

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