ARTICLE 58 of The Constitution- State of Emergency 

1) A state of emergency may be declared only under Article 132 (4) (d) and only when–

(a) the State is threatened by war, invasion, general insurrection, disorder, natural disaster or other public emergency; and
(b) the declaration is necessary to meet the circumstances for which the emergency is declared.

(2) A declaration of a state of emergency, and any legislation enacted or other action taken in consequence of the declaration, shall be effective only–

(a) prospectively; and
(b) for not longer than fourteen days from the date of the declaration, unless the National Assembly resolves to extend the declaration.

(3) The National Assembly may extend a declaration of a state of emergency–

(a) by resolution adopted—

(i) following a public debate in the National Assembly; and
(ii) by the majorities specified in clause (4); and

(b) for not longer than two months at a time.

(4) The first extension of the declaration of a state of emergency requires a supporting vote of at least two-thirds of all the members of the National Assembly, and any subsequent extension requires a supporting vote of at least three-quarters of all the members of the National Assembly.


Go to court and obtain an order stopping Raila’s intended street protests.I believe that the courts will not allow anyone to pull his/her sinister moves while hiding behind the law.

Deception is Raila’s modus operandi. The Tuesday demonstrations that he called for are just the rehearsal. We know for sure that Raila is not interested in the October 26th repeat elections. We also know that the streets are his natural habitat. He will therefore use the Tuesday demonstrations as a launching pad for the devious plans that he has for Kenya for the period after 26th October 2017.

Calling for demonstrations to evict Ezra Chiloba from IEBC is akin to reacting to a mosquito bite with a hammer. Do not be deceived that Chiloba is the target. Raila’s intention is to dictate the political discourse and distract Jubilee mandarins even as he times his plot to perfection. Is it a coincidence that the demonstrations were mooted on the day parliament revealed that it’s working on reviewing electoral laws?

You begin to fail the moment you design your strategies to react to your opponent. The surest bet to success is being ahead of the competition. Jubilee should not fall for the boob trap! Let us inform the court of his sinister motives. I believe that the courts will not allow anyone to pull his/her sinister moves while hiding behind the law.

Jaramogi was a wise man


I hope you now understand why Jaramogi never ever wanted his son to be anywhere near leadership. He openly groomed Kijana Wamalwa and James Orengo, and only assigned Raila tasks to deal with Kibera goons anytime there was need for a demo.
Jaramogi knew how his son loved shortcuts. He knew how his son took off from primary school after failing exams, hid in Tanzania, went to Egypt, and crossed over to East Germany in a stuffed up boat through Italy. He knew how his son rushed to effect a stupid Coup that was stupidly planned and how hundreds of lives were lost, and the Luo suffered massive economic meltdown as a result of the stupid coup.
Look at where we are as a country. Look at how Raila has confused Luos, Kambas and a section of Luhyias that they number more than Gema, Kalenjin, Maasai, Somali, Borana, and a huge chunk of independent minded young Kenyans from all communities.
Look at how the economy is hurting because of the Luo, Kamba and section of Luhyias buying into a big lie that they are more than the rest of Kenya…when it comes to numbers.
If we just had sensible leaders among the Luo, Kamba and section of Luhyias, they would have seen sense, and for love of Country would have said ” Dear Luos, Kambas and section of Luhyias, we are outnumbered. The other side has higher numbers. Let us go back to drawing board and plan for 2022. Let us ensure that our County Governments work well to shame the Jubilee guys. Let us see how we can pull other communities on our side, since a combination of Luo, Kamba and section of Luhyias cannot raise requisite numbers ”
That way, Kenya would be at peace. But just because we have Raila…..