NASA Now Opposes UNDP Financing IEBC And Procurement Of Ballot Papers

Kahawa Tungu

NASA has now raised issue with UNDP financing and aiding the IEBC in the procurement of ballot papers they said that Al Ghurair was the go to supplier of the UN when it came to printing of ballot papers.


Communications Director for the Orange Democratic Party Philip Etale said that Zambia had  previously complained about the UNDP and financing elections. He said in all countries that the UNDP financed and procured from Al Ghurair, The elections ended up being contested.This countries include Haiti,Zambia, Madagascar, Libya Mali among others.

NASA also claims that Ezra Chiloba had ties with the UNDP as he previously worked as a program Analyst -Electoral and processes.

NASA have based their demonstrations on the two issues which are the printing of ballot papers by Al Ghurair and also the removal IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba.

Wafula Chebukati had earlier written to the NASA coalition about the agreement with the UNDP to finance where the agency had offered to purchase the ballot papers and results forms.

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