Wonders will never end


Truly to be a Raila Odinga, you need more than special grace.

Yes, you have to lie to yourself every now and then…and must believe your own lies as the living truth. For instance…

1.You have to call press conferences claiming you’ve accessed IEBC server and can prove they were hacked…tjat the results in the server favor Uhuru. You insist manual tallying of the forms will show you won.

But before we could even go through the evidence (logs from the server) you provided…

2. You call another presser to claim there was no hacking…the data on in the IEBC servers now show you won. In fact, you even show screenshots of the results in the IEBC servers. In twisted move though…

3. You go to court demanding access to the servers…to prove they were hacked in favor of Uhuru but show you won…

Now you are saying the results are stuck somewhere in France…and even though you are yet to access them, they show you won. You don’t trust the forms and what’s in the ballot box…

All you know is that a compromised server in France has proof you won election…

And to make matters even more interesting, there are grown ups singing “ndio Baba” to the above gibberish.


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