Elected Luo leaders have one simple job…’defend Jakom’

It doesn’t matter if they’re governors looting their counties dry, MPs mismanaging CDF or MCAs spending their term on holidays. As long as they can find time and money to attended and fund Jakom’s ‘liberation events’, they are good to go.

But there are those who want more…those who want to be closest to Baba and dearest to his supporters. These have to debase themselves; they have to appear tougher..and more passionate about ‘change’ than everyone else. For instance…

1. My friend Milly calling Uhuru fisi among other ugly monikers isn’t because she believes he is one…it’s how you appease the voters and get reelected

2. Mbadi saying he’ll match to statehouse and remove the ‘impostor’ occupying it, doesn’t mean he is oblivious of Uhuru’s incumbency…it’s to appease Baba and his supporters…that way he’ll remain party chairman and parliamentary leader

3. Gladys Wanga’s daily threats have nothing to do with her ability to turn this country upside down…she can turn nothing apart from…it’s to appease jakom and get associated political perks.

4. Babu Owino knows how to be a Luo hero these days…you must abuse ‘Ouru’…it’s what he’s doing. And Jakom rewards such courage. He’s currently celebrated as ‘dawa ya Moses Kuria’. Expect more from him.

5. Orengo’s threats and theatrics are all aimed at being seen to be helping Jakom and enjoy the benefits of loyalty. Now you know why he was reelected without campaigning. He’ll say worse things in the days to come.

Even ODM bloggers are not left out. The more you can insult Uhuru and Kikuyus the more popular and ‘objective’ you are.

Should Uhuru go after them, they transform from mortal to immortal martyrs. Thank goodness The President understands their desperation and has always shown them the contempt card.

He knows such mediocrity will continue as long as ‘Agwambo” lives.


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