Raila the ‘poverty King’

Francis Atwoli yesternight gave some interesting perspective as to why there is tension in this country.
He attributes it to poverty and hunger.
He says that someone that is busy and well fed would not waste time running to one Demo after another.
He said that if Counties really worked well, tensions would reduce in the country, since nobody would care who the President in Nairobi was.
That is the point that I have been trying to push in the minds, hearts and souls of Raila diehards. But, as they say,Sikio la Kufa halisikii dawa.
Lake basin Counties right from Busia to Migori handled 310 billion shillings between 2013 to 2017.
Raila Odinga has absolute political control in the region, based on how he rigged unpopular candidates and ensured that they were re elected.
In order to shame the “big thieves” in Nairobi, Raila would have showed Kenyans what he can do by ensuring that the Counties worked well, delivered and foreign investors came.
Instead, what do we have? The only investor in the region Dominion Farms is taking off due to extortion by RAILA himself. He took off just when another American Investor was about to launch a 10 billion shilling small holder project in Siaya. he took off when he had completed the Sugar Factory, and was about to start milling, something that would have created jobs for at least 30,000 families. Governors that stole billions and are living large were re-elected.
It is clear that Devolution is being eaten by Raila, and he wants his people poor so that they can go chew teargas on his behalf, and have women stripping naked in broad daylight.
That is why I keep repeating….anyone that supports the evil, poverty king Raila is also a lover of poverty.

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