Surely whats wrong with NASA?

1. They went to Supreme Court saying some Form 34 A’s were not signed by POs.

The change pushed by Jubilee makes it a criminal offence for any PO to fail to sign Form 34A

2 They went to Supreme Court saying that CECs who are also Constituency Returning Officers did not sign Form 34B’s.

The amendment we seek will make it a criminal offence with a jail term of 5 years if they fail to sign 34 B’s

3. They went to Supreme Court alleging that Wafula Chebukati announced the results before receiving all 34 A’s and 34 B’s.

This amendment binds the National Returning Officer to receive all 34 As and 34Bs, validate them and reconcile them before announcing the Presidential Result

4. They went to Supreme Court saying that in some areas the electronic transmission failed due to unavailability of 3G and 4G networks.

Agreed. This amendment makes the actual manual original Form 34A the single source of truth in case there is no connectivity in a polling station

5. Good corporate governance demands that there is continuity in any organisation. If Wafula Chebukati is unwell at any one time, surely the IEBC should be able to perform.

6. As parliament we are required to vote with a two-thirds majority for motions and bills with far reaching consequences on the governance of this country.

This amendment requires the same two thirds threshold on the decision of the Supreme Court and the IEBC.

NASA should be giving Jubilee a medal

Hon Moses Kuria
Nairobi Business Community

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