NCCK Wants Raila To Be In Government, Proposes Office of Prime Minister

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National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) has proposed expansion of the Executive arm of the government.

The NCCK has asked that the government creates a Prime Minister, two deputies and official leader of the opposition posts.

They say the posts will ensure a more inclusive government.

According to secretary general, Canon Peter Karanja, the president will appoint the Premiere who will sit in the cabinet.

Mr Karanja has however maintained that the posts are not a way of creating a ‘nusu mkate’ government.

This comes after the IEBC declared Uhuru Kenyatta the duly elected President having garnered 98 per cent of the votes cast on October 26.

The opposition leader, Raila Odinga has maintained that the repeat elections were a sham and is pushing for fresh elections in 90 days.

Choas erupted in various parts of the country during the repeat presidential elections especially in the opposition strongholds.

The Prime Minister’s post was in 2008 created to end the post-election violence that rocked the country, leaving more than 1,000 dead and others displaced.

The post was held by Odinga, deputized by Kenyatta and Musalia Mudavadi.

Kenya will move on

This happens everyday and everywhere. A husband or wife terrorizes his or her spouse. They then walk out of the marriage. As they walk out, they imagine that the spouse will not live without them.
But, the spouse moves on.
At first, the spouse that walks out will expect to be begged and pleaded with.
That does not happen. He or she starts following what’s going on where he or she left. They even know the number of cockroaches in the house, yet they left. They follow every step taken in the house they left.
As time goes by the spouse that walked out gets desperate. Some get violent, many bad mouth.
But life goes on, and goes on, and goes on and on. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and months turn into years.
That’s how it will feel for him. He will not believe it as Kenya moves on without him.

IEBC respected right ‘NOT TO VOTE’

Thank you IEBC for cancelling repeat election in Luo Nyanza. By respecting their RIGHT NOT TO VOTE, you’ve inadvertently…

1. Just saved several Luo lives (the ones who would have sacrificed themselves to enforce Baba’s anti voting order)

2. Cushioned businesses against looting and destruction…in the name of peaceful demos

3. Spared our roads from furnace and rocks and

4. Given our people a chance to resume normal business.

They, to show solidarity with Raila, sabotaged election (torturing IEBC officials, blocking roads to ensure no material reach the stations and threatening those who wanted to vote). It’s only just to respect their right.

I hope no one will be demanding to vote after vehemently rejecting the process.

You can’t eat your cake and have it!

Raila has 3 simple options

1. Put the country first for the first time in his life, tell Luos to resume normal duty and prepare to face Ruto in 2022.

2. Continue with politics of entitlement, incite as many of his tribesmen as he can to destroy the little that’s left of Luo Nyanza and Luo dominated slums, send a number to early graves…in a desperate attempt to negotiate for power and go down the history as the most selfish politician to have ever lived or

3. Go to his friend Maraga, ask him to nullify Uhuruto’s victory based on Chebukati’s body language…Should guilt stop Maraga from doing what he’s dying to do…Raila would have successfully given his supporters someone to hate…as he prepares for 2022

Why kibera 🤔

You are wondering why Baba always run to Kibera whenever he hits a political snag…Wonder no more…

First let me say, Jakom has no mental problem as some would have us believe. Jakom’s undoing is his sense of entitlement. Baba believes the presidency is his birthright. In fact, since the unfortunate events of 2007 (I still believe he defeated Kibaki, only that his “41 against 1” nonsense was neutralized by “uthamaki ni witu” backwardness ), Rao’s mind has stuck to the imagined presidency.

Since 2007, Jakom has refused to believe he can lose an election in a free and fair (forget that he no longer has Ruto). This, ladies and gentlemen, is known as political ego…one that needs massaging every now and then, especially when it’s confronted with the ugly truth (i.e. he’s politically too disorganized to win the presidency).

To treat the problem of disappointment and frustration, his handlers always drive him to Kibera. Why Kibera? I’m glad you asked. Kibera

~Is closer home,
~Has easy media access and
~Has a ready crowd of poor, hungry fanatical supporters, the kind any “president” loves.

Once in Kibera, Jakom will come out of the car roof and wave as he is driven through the filthy slum. Being in the slum itself gives him intrinsic joy. He sees a people completely dependent on him. A people who will, for example, easily swallow a cooked statement like the voters were 3.5 million not 7m.

And with his chain of MPs cheering behind him with tongue in cheek, Jakom gets a good therapeutic nursing.

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NOTE TO NRM: This article, save for a few tweaking, has been copied from a friend . So, should the need to “forgive” the author arise, look for him.

Raila needs cleansing

We must admit that curses and blessings are real. The only way to break a curse in your family bloodline is to be washed by the Blood of Jesus.
Failure to do that will see the curses that befell your grandparents follow you. Juju cannot deliver you from the curse of your grandparents.
Take a close look at this story that was published in the Standard, January 27th 2004. Not the top story about the one wife, but on the lower story about Raila’s Grandfather. Hope you can read it. It is also available online
This is the story detailing how Raila was taking other Cabinet Ministers round his home and decided to explain, in full glare of media cameras that his Grandfather was a senior official in the Nabongo Mumia Palace. For confirmation, you can go to any Library and ask for the Standard of 27th January 2004 and read.
Now get the facts here.
1) What happened to Raila’s Grandfather that made him be kicked out from the glory of the Palace in Mumias (As seen in the photo) to become a refugee in Luo Land?
2)Could we be seeing the manifestation of the curse in his Grandson Raila?
Now, vuta stool.
Historians say that when the Railway hit Kisumu in 1901, Raila’s Granfather was given the task of dealing with the British as they started planning the path to Uganda. Since he was a close relative to Nabongo Mumia, and a close confidant, the king had no issues trusting him. However, pride and greed got the better of Raila’s grandfather, and he thought that his newfound British friends could give him the Kingdom. In other words, he wanted to have a Coup in 1902.
When news reached Nabongo Mumia that is confidant had evil schemes, he was banished from the kingdom. He fell from grace, and had to seek refuge in Luo Nyanza. He settled in the forested area near Lake Victoria. The area called Sakwa is still referred to as “Bungu” meaning forest even today.
That is the story that explains how Raila’s grandfather left the glory of the Mumia Palace and ended up living in the Forests next to Lake Victoria.
Since he had superior organisational skills, contacts in the region, and wealth, Raila’s grandfather managed to establish himself in Sakwa, and within no time, he was accepted and given leadership position. His son Jaramogi was born around 1910, and quickly took over from the grandfather.
The rest is history.
Now, ask yourself about this
Raila’s Grandfather was a heartbeat from being king of the Wanga Kingdom—— he ended up on the run and found himself in the forested area called Sakwa a very bitter man.
Raila’s father Jaramogi was a heartbeat from the Presidency——– he ended up on the run and a very bitter man.
Raila himself was a heartbeat from Presidency—had he been humble, he would have captured the Kibaki base when he was PM and 2013 would have been a walk in the park——but he is now on the run. He is a bitter man. From being a powerful PM with global recognition, he is now paying jobless boys in the slums to burn tyres.
From the trend right from his grandfather you can see that kuna shida pahali.
That is why Christ says, Come Ye to Me….. He can wash away generational curses. Learn from the story of Raila, generational curses are real, and ONLY the BLOOD of Christ can wash them away……other methods will only lead to the same results.

Voting and boycotting


In 2013, your vote as Kenyans gave the UhuRuto ticket a 50% + 1 victory with slightly over 8,000 voters.

But on 26th October 2017, you the Kenyan People handed President Uhuru and DP Ruto an overwhelming 98% mandate of the vote cast.

Let me contextualize that – in August 8/8/2017, the winning candidate got approximately 54% of the vote, so 96% is a great result.

The facts are clear that the vote came in from over 36,000 polling stations, which represents 88.9% of all polling stations in Kenya – This number is likely to go up after the Saturday polls announced by IEBC.

Now that is the point of my letter to you this evening.

There is a reason the constitution expresses itself in percentages when discussing parameters of deciding who should be declared President.

Let me walk you through the world;


In November 2011, Ellen Johnson was declared President after winning a run-off poll against a former UN diplomat Winston Tubman – who days to the poll announced he was withdrawing from the race.

She won with 90% of the vote. Turnout was 37%, which was half the turnout in the original election.

She served her second term and served The People of Liberia.


Burkina Faso

Presidential elections were held in Burkina Faso on 1 December 1991.

It was the first time in 13 years that the Country was holding elections. The last elections had been held in 1978.

Opposition parties boycotted hoping to force the incumbent to accept their demands (Irreducible Minimums).

The elections proceeded and only one candidate was on the ballot.

Incumbent President Blaise Compaoré won – voter turnout was just 27.3%.



Ghana reverted to civilian rule and held Presidential Elections. The opposition lost.

So they decided to boycott the Parliamentary vote.

As a result of the boycott, only 2m of the 7.7 m voters at the time voted.

Turnout was 28%

The Ruling party went on to win 189 of the 200 seats.



In 1997, Mali main opposition parties boycotted polls.

Incumbent President Alpha Oumar was re-elected with 84% of the vote

Turnout was 29%

Raila, Kalonzo and co.

In 2002, having been beaten to the game by the Grandmaster of Politics – Daniel Moi – Raila crafted “Kasarani sirudi tena – huko ni kichinjio’

The boycotted the delegates election that saw Uhuru Kenyatta elected by delegates as the Kanu Presidential Candidate

The side they supported eventually won the main election in 2002.

The People Decided – Uhuru Kenyatta conceded.


The other aspect is turnout in run-offs – which I will leave to you to find out for yourself, the point is prosecuted, even in our own by-elections, Turnout is almost always poor.


Having said that let me now say this, the other day, Raila Odinga supporters celebrated a 4 vote win handed by the Supreme Court and they sang, danced and told all that cared to listen that Uhuru had stolen their victory – never mind that was not the ruling of the Supreme Court.

On the other hand we have a clear win and mandate and all I see is a people who look beaten, you would think we lost the vote.

Let me tell you what happened yesterday. We got between 6.5m to 8.1m reasons why UhuRuto.

Between 6.5m to 8.1m voters (The final numbers will come from IEBC) VOTED FOR A SECOND TIME IN ONE YEAR AND SAID THE DYNAMIC DUO SHOULD GET A SECOND TERM

It is now time to put on the dancing shoes and dance.

Our hope for 9m votes or over is borne is born out of the fact we want to have bragging rights, we have been made to believe that legitimacy is surpassing or matching what we got on 8/8/2017 – yet getting more than half of the vote cast and a quarter in at least 24 counties is all that is needed.

The fact is President Uhuru has beaten his closest challenge by at least 6m votes so far, there is no way he can recover.

Uhuru has now beaten the same challenger three times and the margin keeps getting bigger in each election.

I urge you to now transform yourselves as a people, to a Manifesto Implementation Committee of the People of Kenya.

Let us stop discussing all these other issues, there was a vote, there was a turnout and the final numbers look good as reported by agents.

Let us close the discussion on elections and begin one on governance, demanding the pledges made be fulfilled and suggesting how our country should be governed.

But First, let us celebrate a hard-fought win, maybe by planting a tree, opening a company and applying to supply Government, seeking information on opportunities available, going back to work, singing, shouting a bit and reconciling where possible.

Let us change the conversation.



Let us end it this way, Raila Amolo Odinga, joined elective politics at the age of 46. He did so through disruption and commotion.

He stormed a meeting presided over by his father, Jaramogi Odinga. He got in late to the Ford Kenya meeting, accompanied by some rowdy youth at his command.

It was this meeting that endorsed his father as the Ford Kenya Presidential Candidate in 1992.

Jaramogi, was visibly irritated by the late entry and the disruption and he addressed his son, “ Amolo, can you tell those boys to stop shouting,”

God Bless You and Keep You all