A Dishonest Kenyan Opposition under Raila

Political opposition in Kenya is nothing but a battle for tribal supremacy. The opposition as currently constituted is not based on ideology or any school of thought different from that of the government. This could be attributed to the fact that those in the opposition were at one time members of previous governments. What opposition claims to be fighting for, that is, good governance, servant leadership, fidelity to the constitution, etc. is nothing but rhetoric without an iota of truth as to what they actually want. That is to get to power through any means possible.

Fidelity to the constitution for the opposition is usually selective and only applies to their subverted interpretations. In 1982 the leader of the opposition, Raila, tried to topple the then president Daniel Moi through a military coup, which failed. Raila knew very well that such an act was unconstitutional, but to him the reason (“to save Kenyans from a dictator”) for the action was right. In 2007 when Raila lost to Mr. Mwai KIbaki, he again led his supporters to mass action; this led to more than a 1000 deaths and destruction of property worth billions of Kenyan shillings. However, to him it was okay, and as long as he got to be the prime minister, it did not matter whether it was constitutional or not. In the recent past, the opposition mobilized its supporters for mass action to hound Mr. Isaac Hassan and the other members of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) out of office. The act was unconstitutional as there are laws that apply when such office holders, are to be removed from his position. To the opposition their right to demonstrate and picket as enshrined in the constitution overrides everything else; this should not be the case. From the preceding the opposition in their wisdom or lack of it chose when to adhere to the principles of the constitution or when to whip up ethnic emotions, to suit their selfish and myopic interests.

The opposition may claim to respect independent institutions but only in their wildest imaginations. In the recent past, the Supreme Court ordered for a fresh presidential election. This was after it nullified the previous one. The opposition has placed many demands on IEBC before they participate in the ordered election. They demand to sack some of the IEBC staff and Disqualification of two firms Al Ghurair and OT Safran Morpho, who were to print ballot papers and to provide KIEMS gadgets respectively. I do not view this as respect for IEBC but rather the opposition seeking to manage the way elections is to be prepared. The opposition would want us to believe that they respect another institution, the Supreme Court. In its ruling, the court nullified the presidential elections and ordered for a repeat within 60 days. IEBC was ordered to prepare and administer these elections. If the opposition demands were to be granted, it would take more than 60 days to have the said elections. This amounts to the refusal by the opposition to obey and adhere to the second part of the ruling. Does the opposition take Kenyans as such gullible creatures as to believe this is their way of respecting institutions?

IEBC to stick to the following


√ Safaricom to remain primary provider of network/internet since there is no evidence on NASAs allegations.

√ OT Morpho to provide kiems.

√ Al Ghurai to print ballot papers since they have contract with IEBC .
√ Chilobae to remain CEO.

√ Elections MUST be held on 26/10/2017…

√ Both candidates to give IT experts who will be given access to read only transmission of results during elections.

√ Chebukati will ONLY announce the results after receiving forms 34 B from ROs who MUST travel to Bomas with the form before adding to form 34C.

√ All ROs will be accountable and will announce the results at the constituency before sending to NTC.

√ ALL ROs(290) MUST be at the NTC(Bomas) at the the time form 34C is filled followed by announcement of the winner.

√ No sending of results via SMS .

√ Party agents,Partys ICT experts IEBC IT experts MUST be there during creation of the final form(34C).

√ Results will be announced upon confirming results in form 34B is equal to those in form 34A and add up to the results in form 34C, and is the same as the ones transmitted to NTC electronically.

The Tale of two old men


East Africa is facing some anxious moments due to two old men, who incidentally are age mates.
Yoweri Museveni was born in August 15 1944. While Raila Odinga claims to have been born in Januray 7, 1945 (though his village mates claim he was born in 1942).
These two old men are terrorizing their respective countries, due to what appears to be some sense of entitlement to power….yet their respective countries are sick and veeeeeeeery tired of them.
The two old men are being urged on by a clique of mindless and selfish sycophants who stand to lose clout should they retire.
The two old men, during their youth were credited for some revolutionary ideals. But that was 35 years ago, and that is a loooooong time ago. But somehow the two old men are living in the past.
The two old men, Museveni and Raila, would not mind destroying their respective economies… just to keep power for one of them, and to get power for the other. To them, the economy means nothing.
The two old men are using fear, terror, violence, intimidation and blackmail to achieve their goals.
The two old men do not have successors lined up in spite of being in power for 40 years, due to their egoistic nature and insecurities.
The two old men, are too blinded to see that their time is up….
As we pray today and tomorrow, let us ask God Almighty to save East Africa from the TWO OLD MEN.