The Tale of two old men


East Africa is facing some anxious moments due to two old men, who incidentally are age mates.
Yoweri Museveni was born in August 15 1944. While Raila Odinga claims to have been born in Januray 7, 1945 (though his village mates claim he was born in 1942).
These two old men are terrorizing their respective countries, due to what appears to be some sense of entitlement to power….yet their respective countries are sick and veeeeeeeery tired of them.
The two old men are being urged on by a clique of mindless and selfish sycophants who stand to lose clout should they retire.
The two old men, during their youth were credited for some revolutionary ideals. But that was 35 years ago, and that is a loooooong time ago. But somehow the two old men are living in the past.
The two old men, Museveni and Raila, would not mind destroying their respective economies… just to keep power for one of them, and to get power for the other. To them, the economy means nothing.
The two old men are using fear, terror, violence, intimidation and blackmail to achieve their goals.
The two old men do not have successors lined up in spite of being in power for 40 years, due to their egoistic nature and insecurities.
The two old men, are too blinded to see that their time is up….
As we pray today and tomorrow, let us ask God Almighty to save East Africa from the TWO OLD MEN.

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