All avenues to Canaan closed. Baba is cornered


1. Raila is broke. He can’t campaign coz no cash. He now resorts to press conferences. At the same time those mps are from NASA are broke also to finance Raila!

2. The national treasury has not and will not release funds to the counties and cdf till after elections.
This means that those governors who have always financed Raila have nothing to give . Same with MPs as there is no CDF

3. Election laws amendment
– if chebukati and other commissioners who are sympathetic to NASA resign, the quorum has been reduced to 3 commissioners

– if the chairman resigns or absent,the law now gives the definition of the chairman to include vice chairman or any other commissioner if both the chair and vice are absent. Therefore presidential returning officer doesn’t have to be the chair alone

– the threshold to overturn a presidential election by the supreme court , will now require majority of 5 judges

– any supreme court judge can preside over the swearing in of the president

– those presiding and returning officers failing to sign form 34 a,b,c will be in trouble on their own

4. The mass action call has yielded no results. Baba is not happy . Only Kisumu has been successful
His security withdrawn, meaning he can’t attend the demos for fear of his insecurity.

5. Nairobi business community is also showing its might . Baba and his friends are afraid

6. With only 20 days left to election, and Baba calling for demos every Monday and Friday, it means he is only left with 3 Fridays and 3 Mondays to demonstrate. Good luck

7. All poll losers from NASA stronghold are joining jubilee. Even if each comes only with their relatives and close friends, Jubilee basket is getting full .
NASA is adding nothing

8. Parliament has moved on with it’s agenda despite threats by NASA.

9. IEBC is continuing with it’s agenda despite threats from NASA. Meaning election will held on 26th

LAST if Baba boycotts the election, UHURUTO will be declared president unopposed thanks to the elections laws amendment