Congratulations Kisumu County Residents

1.For Lootin Tumaini supermarkets and ate all that was stocked….We are so proud of you that Chiloba will sleep hungry and the supermarket management will now consider setting up a Second Naivas in Kisumu county.

2.Thank you for destroying the water pipes belonging to Kiwasco…. H E Hon Uhuru Kenyatta is now a stressed man as he has no water to drink,Bathe with or Cook with….Congratulation that Chilobae will no Longer see water again in his house……

3.Congratulation for Burning off tyres along your roads….Today All Who wanted to access Kisumu will now have to wait until Friday is over…..Chebukati and Chiloba are now stuck in Town….

4.Congratulation for making the world feel that Kisumu city is one city that has economically grown over and above all other areas and hence Kisumu needs No investor.

5.Congratulation for burning Kondele Market…Now Chiloba and chebukati will have to go hungry as they have nowhere to buy their products..

6.Congratulation that IEBC officials who had harvested huge Omena Volumes with have no where to market these omenas.

7.Congratulation that all other areas were busy earning for y and will give you all the proceeds tomorrow morning.
Congratulation now that Raila will build you some Better Markets, Better water pipes, Better Hypermarkets other than supermarkets like he has done elsewhere in Kibera and KisumuπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

*God’s Favoured*

One day…

Gordon Opiyo

After every session of madness in Luo Nyanza, after people die, after supermarkets are looted, after shops are burnt, after buses are razed, after women show off their nudity, I’m usually left with a mix of extreme anger and sympathy.

Anger because the people that are supposed to stand up and say enough is enough are stupidly silent. They justify the madness and defend Raila- the instigator, as if their lives depend on it.

Sympathy, because the poor fellows in Kisumu, Homa Bay and Migori have been totally brainwashed and turned into slaves of bitterness. Always fighting imaginary enemies created by Raila. Today, it is Safaricom and Chiloba, yesterday it was Hassan, the other day it was Waiguru, the other day it was Manual.

It is even sadder when you see Women, who are very vocal elsewhere silently supporting derogatory remarks against Women by Raila. He asks them to come expose their panties…not even a single Woman from Luo Nyanza complains. He orders goons to attack a Women meeting in Kisumu, not even a single Woman from Nyanza complains.

The level of mental slavery is sickening.

I squarely put the blame on Luo Christian Leaders, Luo Professionals and Luo Businessmen.

The Christian Leaders ought to have perceived a long time ago that Raila has used diabolical means such as Witchcraft and Sorcery to get hold of the Luos. Any sensitive Christian will discern that this is a Spiritual Battle. The leaders should have been in the forefront fighting for the liberation of Luos from the wicked bondage of Odingaism. Instead, they are part of the front line in worshiping the wicked Raila.

I can confidently state without fear of contradiction that there will be very very few Luos in heaven, due to Idol worship. They have turned wicked Raila into their god.

The Luo Business leaders should have been bold enough to say enough is enough. Nothing frustrates than to see business shifting base from your area.

As we speak right now Kisii Town is much much bigger and robust than Kisumu. Kakamega long took over many businesses from Kisumu and Luo Nyanza. Whereas leaders from Kisii and Kakamega pretend and cheat the dazed Luo leaders that they are together, the two regions never participate in the madness. They secretly talk to businesses to shift. As a result, Luos are getting impoverished by the day. Governors and MPs are just conduits for looting on behalf of Raila, so there is nothing they can do or say against the regional god.

My prediction is this- one day, and that is going to be very soon, these guys will wake up and turn against Raila and the cabal of thugs that surround him. One day it will happen…