COULD Raila be getting funding directly from 4 embassies in Kenya after the government closed his avenues?

Could he be going to Britain to get weapons through the British military camps in Kenya for a possible overthrow of the government?

What is Babu oOwino going to do in Russia, then later meet Odinga in Germany?

Please let us think beyond the box.

Why is NASA not campaigning despite shortage of cash? Are they keeping us busy with demonstration while working underground? Could these guys be working on something we don’t know then get us off guard?

Why are the NASA Principals silent of late?

Why is NASA so confident, knowing very well they don’t have numbers?

I welcome Omar defection but, I would suggest we don’t expose ourselves to him until we know him well.

Let us not be very exited and forget God, the Revealer of everything hidden.

If NASA is not for elections, then what are they for apart from mkate nusu? Could they be having a last card hidden apart from judiciary?


We need to trail these people. I worked with these people while I was in Kanu from 1988 to 2010 and I know they are skimmers.

Babu needs to be followed because I suspect he’s been used to recruit university students to be private army.

Let us not dismiss these guys but try to think of what they are planning. A hungry lion can pretend to be dead for the antelopes to come and feed nearby.

Let’s sleep with one eye opened like a rabbit. Forwarded

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