Luo lives matter?


I am just wondering, are these guys actually confirming that the violent demos are being carried out by only one community. Why are they trying to drive a narrative about one tribe yet they had said the demos would be held countrywide? Where is the wisdom in this? Three nagging questions come to mind;

1. Is Raila setting up Luos against the rest of Kenyans in order to push a personal agenda?
2. Is Raila alienating Luos from Kenya?
3. When they talk about secession, could it be that Raila wants a Luo Republic?

Meanwhile, at this point I think we have to agree that people’s livelihoods also matter. If you burn someone shop, and it’s what he/she was depending on for survival, you have taken life out of that person. You don’t expect to destroy people’s property in the name of demos and we clap for you. What you are doing is not promoting democracy; you are creating tyranny and my friend, the cost is very high. Do not go destroying people’s livelihoods then claim that your life matters. If your life indeed matters, picket peacefully like the rest of Kenyans do and within the set limits then go home. If anyone tries to touch you under such circumstances, even the rest of us will also ask questions.