Of Miguna, Wanjigi and Malcolm X Theorisms and Possible Arms Stashing by NASA into Kenya…


By Elijah Kinyanjui
October 17, 2017

During the Afro Americans liberation struggle in the US dubbed Civil Rights Movement during the 1950s and 1960s, two leaders emerged and are now historical icons.

They’re the famed radical activist Malcolm X and Baptist Church Minister Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Though the duo were leading in the same struggle, to liberate blacks generally, their means to attaining these goals were entirely different.

While Luther of the “I have a Dream” speech fame advocated for peaceful change via civil disobedience against discrimination by Whites, Malcolm X preached the opposite.

Both were what’s known as fiery public speakers who whenever they opened their mouths, the world had no choice but to listen.

And both strived to achieve their desired goals by raising black consciousness…

However, Malcolm X was what many nowadays would call a proper radical, or hater.

He preached violence against the ruling nay oppressive Whites regime of the time and made speeches to the effect that of “the only good white man is a dead white man”, amongst other utterances.

Luther however preached peaceful resistance or peaceful revolution…


X thrived on propagating violence… He’s the one who coined the infamous phrase “through all means possible” that’s now the favourite mantra of ex Raila top hater now turned shameless sychopant, Miguna Miguna.

“Through all means possible” is a call to war, bloodshed, revolution etc” whichever angle one looks at it from.

And Miguna declared it on national television the night before the last!


Only a day later, yesterday, a top schemer of the NASA brigade, billionaire Jimmy Wanjigi, was caught by police with an arsenal of hundreds of firearms and bullets, that he was reportedly sneaking into the country at a time when the opposition is very keen to cause chaos in in an alleged nationwide protest against the IEBC…

The uncovering of the reported stockpiling of the heavy weaponweaponry can only point fingers at NASAs intention…

Most likely to use them to fire at the protestors who’re ironically die hard supporters of their Baba, Raila Odinga, who has himself used violence in the past in an attempt to grab the Kenyan Presidency which also includes having organised a coup by the Kenya Air Force soldiers in 1982.

And NASA lawyers led by respected human rights advocare James Aggrey Bob Orengo are now busy defending Wanjigi…

Such weaponry stashing is reminiscent of the Mau Mau liberation war against white colonialists then occupying and ruling Kenyans brutally.

Yet, over 50 years later, Kenya is today not only a free democracy but a country governed by popular will of the people with one of the most progressive Constitutions with an enviable rule of law that’s amongst the most admired and celebrated worldwide.

Well, joining the dots between Miguna’s advocacy of Malcolm’s “through all means possible” remarks, or should I say open threats…

And the discovery of the firearms in the Malindi and Nairobi homes of Wanjigi who’s one of NASAs chief financiers, it doesn’t require abracadabra to see what games NASArians are possibly up to in their fabled ‘journey to Canaan’.

There’s a strong possibility that they’re aiming at initiating a violent revolution, via possibly initiating both an urban and rural guerrilla ‘uprising’.

They’re likely leading Kenya to this kind of warpath that may lead Kenya into the failed states or banana republic status of countries like Somalia, South Sudan, DRC etc.

Or those which occurred in Latin America, Bosnia Herzegovina, Northern Ireland etc, in the past.

And that’s what Raila really is for you, if I’m asked.

He’s a…
Self centred despot, power-hungry politico bent on using nothing but raw tribalism who can stop apparently at nothing to grab power…

‘Through all means possible’.

But thank God, the plot’s now out!

The Government should be more vigilant, alert and thoroughly investigative in unearthing any other possible such arms stashing, including teargas, that’s possibly in the hands of the opposition, or any other elements.

And as they say, guns and pencils aren’t quite in the same category of essential goods or commodities…

These weapons discovery are real possible threats to the lives of all Kenyans, whether opposition or Jubilians.

It’s a path this country must never, ever take.
It’s only criminals who can use arms in today’s Kenya to achieve their ends, not unlike the Alshabaab who’re a global threat to peace.

If it’s about cessation, the making of the so-called breakaway Republic of Nyanza,
I believe there are legal, constitutional means of seeking it.

A National Referendum being one of them.


Which I doubt would ever happen anyway, despite whatever means he and his NASA goons employ.

Let’s pray for peaceful repeat Presidential Polls which are now only nine days away.

God bless Kenya.

Please Raila, Leave LUO community to rest

James Orengo and Raila Odinga should now leave the Luo community to rest. Enough is enough. You cannot drag the community to the slaughterhouse every time for your own selfish political ambitions. You are not leaders at all. There is no leadership that can misguide a people like you are doing.

If you believed in the cause you’d be on the frontline. Not with armoured vehicles, but walking on foot with the people. James Orengo was good at it when he was poor and was looking for leadership.

If you believed in the cause you’d visit those who have been maimed in their hospital beds. You’d visit families who have lost their loved ones. You’d mobilize funds to provide support for the cases that need support.

This morning everything is silent. People who were hurt have been left all alone. Families are mourning alone.

Orengo and Raila each have never mentored Luo sons to a different path from violence. Are Luos dogs of war?

Take our sons to school, train them and help them find jobs. That is what leadership is about.

Let the other communities fight for reforms too. After all you have said that there will be no elections on 26th, so for what are we dying?!

Kwani min Kenya noweyo Kenya e lwetwa. Waol kod ywak”.

But guess what, the same Luos his post defend turn on him and call him an attention seeker. He’s dismissed! Can you imagine?

Now you know know why Raila will never stop using the zombified Luo youth as labrats or human shields! They love being used!

Raila is isolated


There are very serious efforts by the NASA fraternity to paint Raila Odinga as enjoying foreign support.

Nothing could be further from the truth: Raila is isolated. Especially from the West.

Threatening Safaricom (vodaphone), rationalizing Land, regulating rents, threatening violence, wanting to withdraw from the fight against Al Shabaab and al qaeda.

Any one of these would kill his support out there. The combination is lethal. And they will not hesitate to take him down. As it becomes clearer the game Raila is playing, foreign powers are going to get tougher with their message. The world is looking for stability, not deals that will consign a country like Kenya into a permanent instability since no one will ever again agree to lose a presidential election.

All Raila has is the threat of violence, the callousness to radicalize children and pay them to try and cause chaos so that he creates the appearance of a crisis. He has no real moral stature or broad support. He is operating at this point as a typical Horn of Africa warlord. It is the kind of impulse that has led South Sudan and Somalia to their present troubles.

The way to deal with it is not through appeasement, bullies only get worse when appeased. It is through a firm commitment to our constitution and our laws; that is what differentiates us from the collapsed states.

Raila defies court order


Raila defied court and failed to respond to the case on election boycott. Justice Mwita, last week, ordered Raila and his NASA co-principals to respond to the case ahead of yesterday’s hearing. But he neither responded nor sent a lawyer to represent him in court. Now the judge will rule without NASA’s submissions. The ruling will be made on 24th October.

Things to note:

1. Raila expects everyone else to sign forms as he argued at the Supreme Court but he himself won’t sign Form 24A
2. Raila expects everyone else to obey Court Orders but he himself is above the law and can’t obey.

NASA wants to replicate MAIDAN MASSACRE in KENYA



In 2014, Ukraine had been at a bad place, with a very volatile Opposition political wing set against the then government of then President, Viktor Yanukovych.

The opposition, just like NASA had been formed from a conglomeration of several political parties, namely Freedom, Right Sector, Fatherland, and UDAR.

Together these 4 political groups, had engineered a wave of protests against the government of the day, the protests had kicked off in December 2013 and had sporadically ran till February 2014.

As the protests moved into the third month of February, the Opposition had began to get impatient, as two months of peaceful protests had passed from December to January, but had not yielded an inch of the desire to ouster Yanukovych.

It is said that the Protest leaders in their voracious quest for power, realized that they needed a plan to further spur the level of resentment against the government a notch higher and to get the Ukrainian “Wanjiku” to react in a way that would definitely force the then President and Government to leave office.

So on 18th February, 2014, the Opposition leaders connived to position gunmen in strategic buildings around the Maidan Square where the Protests had been centered and when the protestors gathered on that day, as the protests picked momentum, they had the snipers shoot into both the crowd and the Police Force.

Their strategy to massacre of unarmed protestors including apolitical passers-by and have the government blamed for it, went on between 18th and 21st February.

Their plan worked.

As much as the Police and the government of the then President, Viktor Yanukovych denied responsibility for the Killings, the Citizens of Ukraine, had been angered and did not believe the Government’s denial of the shoot.

The target objective was achieved, the killings indeed heightened resentment against the government, escalated the violence and eventually lead to the downfall of Ukraine’s Viktor Yanukovych who was forced to flee the Country in the backdrop of international condemnation and pressure to give up power.

The violence killed more than 100 people, including 17 security officers over the three days period – that was named The Maidan Massacre.

I dare say, that with the cache of guns found in Jimmi Wanjigi’s house and the reports that mainstream media is gleefully churning out now of students killed in Protests and 2 year old with a bullet in the neck, if we can also remember baby Samantha Pendo….

….I am convinced that NASA are trying to replicate the Maidan Massacre strategy here in Kenya and their target is to pull it off in Kisumu.

I never believed that shenzi story that a Policeman had tear gased a 6 month old baby hivyo tu kwa nyumba and that today they say a 2 years old was shot in the protests.

It just does not make any sense why a Police Officer would do that.

These guns found in Wanjigi’s residence all the more convince me that there could have been a strategy to arm select gunmen to shoot within the crowd and passersby so that the people would blame the Government for the excess violence and just like in Ukraine, Raila and his team probably hope to heighten the mayhem, draw international condemnation against Uhuru and international pressure to give into “dialogue” for Nusu Mkate!

My gut feeling tells me, it’s NASA shooting at it’s own supporters.

After all if their leader is a George Soros crony, this theory would not be far fetched…..

….George Soros was after all said to have been the financier of the Maidan Protest leaders, who today form the Government of Ukraine.

I don’t know!, I could be overthinking!