NASA’s mole in IEBC leaves office


Dr Roselyn Kwamboka Akombe…

1. The lady who was leaking all IEBC memos to Raila

2. The shameless saboteur responsible for supplying fake forms to specific RO’s in ODM strongholds…to give Maraga the excuse to nullify Uhuruto’s victory

3. The woman Behind calls for Chiloba’s resignation and a sponsor of the violent “Chiloba Mas go” demos

4. The traitor behind the violent attacks on IEBC training facilities


5. The only Commissioner who skipped a session with parliament because she was busy addressing an ODM Bloggers meeting

Has, after realizing nothing was going to stop the election on 26th, resigned as expected.

We expect others like Chebukati to follow suit…their belief is that the resigning a few days to election and making wildest allegations will legitimize Raila’s so called irreducible minimums and see election cancelled (until IEBC is filled by his family friends).

To bad for the shameless saboteurs, we anticipated all these and passed the laws to cure them. Which explains why they are opposed to the law 100%

Unlike before, when we believed one needed not compromise a judge to get justice and that IEBC was made up of men/women of integrity, we now know the judiciary is run by bitter puppets and IEBC is headed by a stooge. So, while we can’t interfere with their independence, we are ahead of their plans, treat every their move with suspicion and will never be caught unaware!

So, to WakoraNetwork at the Judiciary and IEBC, do your worse, we are ready and prepared. The country will move on still



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