ODM life members Chebukati and Maraga shaking in their boot

We exposed the United Nations Link to the current artificial crisis. We exposed how the Former Number Two at UN, Lord Mark Malloch Brown and Raila have been hatching a plot to take power through a system called “Lawfare”. This is use of the compromised Judicial System and Civil Society to create Constitutional Crisis, then ride on the Crisis to ascend to power.
Well, the person planted by the UN Cartels has just taken off. Roslyn Akombe ( Who is still an employee of the UN) was the key plank in the Coup Plot. She was the one that brought UNDP into the centre of the IEBC, she was the one that was dealing directly with Raila. She was the one that arranged with Maraga and Nyaiyaki to plant fake Forms. If you remember very well, she was the one that handed Chebukati the Final Form that was used to announce that Uhuru had won.
Interestingly, that Form that she handed to Chebukati was one of the reasons that Maraga used to nullify the elections. Maraga and his three crooked colleagues said that the Form 34C was fake since it never had Security Features and Serial Number!!!! Question is this- Where was the original Form 34 C that had been verified by everyone? What role did Akombe play in planting the Fake Form 34C?
Akombe has taken off after it emerged that the International Goodwill she was relying on in order to have a successful Coup has failed. The French Intelligence last week started giving leaks about Annan, Malloch and Soros schemes in Kenya. When leaks start, you never know when and where they will end. Akombe must have sensed that since her master Malloch had been exposed, sooner or later something about her will be leaked by the French Intelligence. The French are protecting one of their own OT Morpho against Malloch’s Smartmatic.
Akombe also discovered that the much touted international connections Raila had in EU and US was and is hot air. Apparently, Raila’s influence in global affairs has waned. Between 2013 and 2017, President Uhuru used his charm and charisma to woo nearly all key global players to his side. Uhuru was one of the three Presidents in the developing world to have had the privilege to attend the G7 Summit and one the the only two African leaders to attend the Chinese grand infrastructure summit.
Akombe and her fellow conspirators must have underestimated the gains Uhuru made when he was fighting the ICC.
The straw that broke Akombe’s back was the endorsement by the EU of the IEBC on Monday. This followed the US State Department warning to Raila and other NASA Principals. Intense lobbying forced the EU to drop hardline position after assessing the situation.
Having seen her plot crumble she took off.
However, she has left her colleagues and fellow conspirators in deep trouble. Akombe was selfish, she just shipped off her family members and let her fellow conspirators to face the music. Supreme Court Registrar, Esther Nyaiyaki doesn’t have dual citizenship like Akombe. Nyaiyaki was the person that introduced fake forms to the Supreme Court. Chebukati, the other conspirator is now in a fix. He has nowhere to run. The crooked Judges are shaking in the boots, after the main organizer Akombe takes off.
Well, let us watch and see what they do. All eyes should be on ODM life members Chebukati and Maraga.

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