Why Kambas are not in DEMOS🤣

There’s a question that has been raised by other NASA psychos that Kambas are not participating in NASA demonstrations.
The followings are the reasons why we are reluctant to the demos

1. Kambas are naturally long distance traders and we fear if we start our demos in kitui we can find ourselves in far places like Kisii or Nyanza
😒 we can’t take the risk
2. In ukambani we have more serious issues like pronunciation of HUAWEI which we have to give them prior attention
3. These demos are not peaceful. People are throwing stones and we as kambas we can’t throw stones. Actually it’s our duty to collect stones and not to throw. It’s the only mineral we have after sand.
4. In kambaland it rains only for a few weeks. We are busy tilling our land before the rains disappear
5. These demos are full of burning tyres. Who burns tyres?? The only material we use to make our shoes!! Be cursed
6. In Kambaland we can’t just throw stones anyhow. We have numerous witchdoctors and you might end up injuring one of them. This might be more serious problem.
7. Kamba business community don’t entertain nonsense they can bewitch you if you disrupt their business with demos.

But NASA diehards don’t worry. When we’ll feel that enough is enough and chilobae and his team must leave we’ll not waste energy. We’ll just send a swarm of bee’s miraculously from kamuuwongo Kyuso kitui to IEBC offices and see how they’ll operate.

Chivu kivoi🏃🏃

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