21st OCTOBER, 2017

The government is investigating an elaborate conspiracy by sections of NASA and a web of renegade foreigners to subvert the Constitution and the rule of law by sabotaging democratic Presidential Elections on 26th October 2017 or any other later date. The objective of the conspiracy is the capture of state power without following the imperatives of the constitution of Kenya 2010. The conspiracy aims to create opportunities for a few unscrupulous individuals to enrich themselves through corruption, drug trafficking and other practices which will eventually kill this country’s development and progress and make it an international pariah.

The key pranks of the plan is bribery of compromised office holders in the judiciary and IEBC with huge sums of money, use of violence to prevent Kenyans from voting for a presidential candidate of their choice, radicalization of some communities to ignore the rule law and fanatically follow their commands, sabotaging the country’s economy and, if these do not do not succeed plunging the country into violence.

In the judiciary, judges of the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court have been profiled and targeted for bribery. The bribery is to induce them to give court orders and interpretations to the law which will ensure that holding a presidential election in Kenya becomes perpetually untenable. The grand strategy is not postponement of 26th October elections; it is to permanently road block any presidential elections in the foreseeable future.
With the IEBC the first tactics include inducing the Commissioners to resign at critical moments in the process so as to sabotage the elections. The second strategy is to commit them to make public statements that imply that the Commission is not unable to conduct elections on various excuses. This scheme is in full gear and one Commissioner has already betrayed Kenya, picked their loot and is now an icon in the conspirators scheme of things.

Without citing any incident or placing before a court of law any person or institution who has substantively moved to influence their decisions, the compromised commissioner has continued issuing private and public statements to the effect that powerful forces have been interfering with their work even as they continue clandestine engagements with the conspirators.

We note with appreciation and much pride that several members of the judiciary and the IEBC have been approached and flatly refused to betray the Constitution of Kenya, their oath of office and their professional calling. The government takes this opportunity to salute these as true heroes of Kenya. Even as they bear the most savage attacks in the social media, we encourage them to soldier: they shall forever remain in the just side of Kenya’s history.

The plan to use unlawful violence involves acquisition of illegal firearms, issuing them to hired criminals and using to maim and killing vulnerable members of the society under circumstances where our police officers will be blamed. The maneuver aims at indoctrinating parts of the public against the rule of law and the government.
There are strong grounds to believe that the shooting of vulnerable members of the society in some areas of Nairobi, Kisumu and Homabay during recent riots is in execution of this devilish plan. The slogan “Luo Lives Matter” is intended to spread fear among innocent members of the Luo community and rally them behind the plotters. This plan also includes a vicious social media campaign to polarize Kenya by spreading false information that members of NASA leaning communities are targeted for violence in central Kenya.

We wish to take this opportunity to reiterate to the public the government has comprehensive intelligence about all arms of government: within the central government and other constitutionally independent institutions like the judiciary and IEBC, the vast majority of individuals holding positions of national responsibility are patriotic professionals ready, able and willing to protect this country from any subversive activities. The unprofessional turncoats are few and their pretended influence will soon come tumbling down under a heap of shame. All our national security organs are intact and professionally discharging their patriotic duty.

Once again, the government takes this opportunity to affirm its commitment to protect and propagate the fundamental freedoms and human rights of citizens in every corner of Kenya. The criminal schemes of those insisting on subverting our democratic rights will be soundly defeated, named, shamed and prosecuted. The constitution of Kenyan has adequate patriots to protect it.

Kiraithe E.K. (MBS)

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