An open letter Ms Akombe.


Ms. name is Angie. I am a young girl. I am 22..A first time voter. I am a graduate and fairly ambitious. I look up to self achieved women like you to shape my future. I admire your achievements greatly. A PhD in Global affairs is quite impressive. I have watched you through the election period and admired your resilience, strength and way with words.
But today, please correct me from my little experience. I am confused. Your greatness has gone down the drain. My mother says, like other failed female leaders, you’ve played the game of men like a man. You’ve shown your dagger too early in the game. You plotted with hyenas and trust me you’ll be consumed whole. In 3 short months, these men will desert you. They won’t even pick your calls. You’ll be a bitter hag, older and used. Look at you, in just 1 week you are behaving like a woman who left her homestead yet you keep shouting about how bad your husband was from another man’s homestead. You quit…you abandoned your motherland. Enjoy your new motherland and leave the Kenyan clan alone to sort their mess. You were hasty of foot, haughty to be precise. I’ve learnt this game early from my quiet mom. I know as a woman, you should fight from within. No one listens to a runaway leader. Real leaders stand up from within to be counted. Akombe, you lack leadership skills. You lack strategy. You only cared for drama and perhaps your wallet. Now the attention is gone. The men who confused you will find another. Look at them tranversing this country as you hide in far away lands like a ferret. You’ve abandoned your country to rot while you had the opportunity to fix things. I hope your thoughts are as clear when you are alone in a foreign country. Think about what you’ve done to your family. They will always fear the unknown. But worst of all, think about what you are doing to your child. Denying him freedom of his motherland as you serve your fame with unsubstantiated falsehoods. Let’s talk in 3 months. Women don’t play in public. We are cats. That’s why I’ll take the lessons as I dunk that vote for the son of Jomo. I follow the law. Unlike you, we are obeying Maraga’s court and the constitution. I am young and I know my rights so I will not emulate you. I will VOTE on Oct 26th. Winter is coming shortly. Please enjoy your president. He is called Donald Trump. Don’t shiver as we welcome our own President …Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta!

Yours truly, Angie

Observers commend election preparedness.


The only irreducible minimum demand Kenya must be met is ‘to conduct the fresh presidential election’ as directed by the Supreme Court, the African Election Observer Mission (AEOM) has said. In a preliminary report on Kenya’s elections preparedness dubbed October 26th elections; Kenya’s irreducible minimum, the observers said the country should conduct the repeat poll on Thursday in accordance with the Constitution. They urged Kenyans not to abscond the exercise.

Speaking during the launch of the report at a Nairobi hotel yesterday, mission head Robert Folsa commended the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s preparedness, saying it is ready to deliver a free, fair and credible election.

“October 26 remains the only irreducible minimum as far as the presidential election is concerned. The IEBC is ready to conduct the polls and Kenyans should stick to constitutional rule of law and avoid absconding elections” the report read in part.

The observers said despite pressure and turmoil facing IEBC, the commission is capable of holding elections as directed by the Supreme Court in its ruling that nullified the August 8 presidential election.

“The IEBC is largely intact and it is ready to conduct elections on Thursday, October 26 in accordance with the Constitution.” Mission lead researcher Martin Nkari regretted a possibility of more than nine million voters boycotting the election, which may lead to results being contested in court, again. He said IEBC must not be punished for actions of politicians. The research was conducted between September 5 and October 20.