Raila needs cleansing

We must admit that curses and blessings are real. The only way to break a curse in your family bloodline is to be washed by the Blood of Jesus.
Failure to do that will see the curses that befell your grandparents follow you. Juju cannot deliver you from the curse of your grandparents.
Take a close look at this story that was published in the Standard, January 27th 2004. Not the top story about the one wife, but on the lower story about Raila’s Grandfather. Hope you can read it. It is also available online http://allafrica.com/stories/200401270550.html
This is the story detailing how Raila was taking other Cabinet Ministers round his home and decided to explain, in full glare of media cameras that his Grandfather was a senior official in the Nabongo Mumia Palace. For confirmation, you can go to any Library and ask for the Standard of 27th January 2004 and read.
Now get the facts here.
1) What happened to Raila’s Grandfather that made him be kicked out from the glory of the Palace in Mumias (As seen in the photo) to become a refugee in Luo Land?
2)Could we be seeing the manifestation of the curse in his Grandson Raila?
Now, vuta stool.
Historians say that when the Railway hit Kisumu in 1901, Raila’s Granfather was given the task of dealing with the British as they started planning the path to Uganda. Since he was a close relative to Nabongo Mumia, and a close confidant, the king had no issues trusting him. However, pride and greed got the better of Raila’s grandfather, and he thought that his newfound British friends could give him the Kingdom. In other words, he wanted to have a Coup in 1902.
When news reached Nabongo Mumia that is confidant had evil schemes, he was banished from the kingdom. He fell from grace, and had to seek refuge in Luo Nyanza. He settled in the forested area near Lake Victoria. The area called Sakwa is still referred to as “Bungu” meaning forest even today.
That is the story that explains how Raila’s grandfather left the glory of the Mumia Palace and ended up living in the Forests next to Lake Victoria.
Since he had superior organisational skills, contacts in the region, and wealth, Raila’s grandfather managed to establish himself in Sakwa, and within no time, he was accepted and given leadership position. His son Jaramogi was born around 1910, and quickly took over from the grandfather.
The rest is history.
Now, ask yourself about this
Raila’s Grandfather was a heartbeat from being king of the Wanga Kingdom—— he ended up on the run and found himself in the forested area called Sakwa a very bitter man.
Raila’s father Jaramogi was a heartbeat from the Presidency——– he ended up on the run and a very bitter man.
Raila himself was a heartbeat from Presidency—had he been humble, he would have captured the Kibaki base when he was PM and 2013 would have been a walk in the park——but he is now on the run. He is a bitter man. From being a powerful PM with global recognition, he is now paying jobless boys in the slums to burn tyres.
From the trend right from his grandfather you can see that kuna shida pahali.
That is why Christ says, Come Ye to Me….. He can wash away generational curses. Learn from the story of Raila, generational curses are real, and ONLY the BLOOD of Christ can wash them away……other methods will only lead to the same results.

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